Thursday, March 2, 2017

Grilla Filipino Dishes: A Celebration of Regional Diversities

Celebrating 19 flavorful years of of innovating Filipino dishes, Grilla Filipino Cuisine, still manages to entice both locals and tourists with their crave-worthy regional dishes.  Thanks to Ace for having me as a part of this milestone and for the feasts laid out for our takings.

From Grilla Bar and Grill (who then widely served young professionals and college students) now to Grilla Filipino Cuisine, a casual Filipino family restaurant that caters to all kinds of food-lovers.

It first opened in Antipolo City in 1998 and opened their SM MOA by the Bay branch just last year. Carrying with it what they have been well known for, as pioneers of "Buckets of Beer" and the "Grilla Feast."

Grilla Feasts are groupie meals served on "bilaos" (round flat basket for winnowing rice) filled with barbecues.

What sets Grilla apart from other Filipino restaurants is it's unique menu.  Dishes are well-loved but aren't the ones typically served in other restos.

Like the picture above of Tokwa't Manok, instead of Tokwa't Baboy, the usual appetizer was reinvented by using Grilla's famous Grilled Chicken to the crunchy chunks of local tofu and served with a sweet and mildly spiced soy-vinegar dipping sauce.

Moving into what they assessed as a healthier dish version, the Crispy Chicharong Bacon says otherwise as it is sinfully yummy to the last bite.

Beer and food pairing is an art here at Grilla but with the yummy Filipino outake.  This hefty plate of Crispy Fish Trio has been the crowd favorite during the event.

It's a mix of strips of fish such as Tilapia, hito and bangus, battered and deep fried to crisp and best dipped in vinegar when eating.

When you say meal, rice and "ulam" (viand) is definitely the thing for us Filipinos and nothing says delish ulam as Grilla's.

Heard of Beef Kansi?  Kansi is a famous Bacolod dish which is a cross between sinigang and bulalo, with beef ana beef bone marrow gracing the hot sour soup zested with kamias.

Another "ulam-to-die-for" and with which one will definitely say "More rice please," is the Grill-a-Palayok. Only found and is original to Grilla, this palayok is filled with mussel, clams, maya-maya fillet, thinly sliced beef short ribs and pork belly cooked over hot sones in a palayok.

Served deconstructed with it's broth in a kettle, of ginger and lemongrass and three other condiments.  Sinamak, Nilasing na Mangga and  soy-vinegar dip.

Another Filipino classic "meryenda" (snack) is given a new life is the lumpia or spring roll but with ingredients from Halo-halo rolled inside and fried.

The Halo-Halo Spring Rolls is served piping hot and with a scoop of ube ice cream.

If you don't fancy another fried dish for dessert, how about a trio of sweets.  Grilla Dessert Sampler is made up of Leche Flan, Palitaw and Suman-Mangga at Macapuno topped with Vanilla Ice cream. 

Grilla is very Filipino in every way, from how they welcome the guests with courteousness, to the theme of the whole resto which is really cozy (with the access and view of the Manila Bay from their door at the back) and well, the food just says it all.

GRILLA Filipino Cuisine
Address:   Building F, SM by The Bay,Seaside Boulevard, 
                     Mall of Asia Complex (MOA), Pasay City

Grilla Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 


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  2. Far out! What a feast! Hope to try them soon.


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