Thursday, March 9, 2017

Discovering Socrates' Secret and Crappy Photos That Makes Me Disreputable

Being tagged along by the hubby (perhaps as his muse) in one of his business meetings had become very heart-stirring.  So, whenever that happens, I make sure to have the handy-dandy Google Map on side.  And how truly neat it is to search for places of interest along the long drive to either Cavite or Laguna while being stuck on traffic.

In those rarest of occasions you then stumble on quaint restaurants that come unnoticed as if searching for a lost coin.  You then take the route and with some patience and walks, you find it. Yes!  You begin to notice your tummy grumbles from the search and then you realize, you didn't bring your camera to take a snap (a professional taken one) of the exploit!   MAN!

But then, you still manages to pull it off, thinking you can still blog about this magical experience even though your photos are C-R-A-P-P-Y.

Thoughts like, I wish I had a better cellphone with a really good camera suitable for night shots or low light environments.  I'll be shunned by good food photographers, no one will read my blog anymore, etcetera, etcetera...

After all, what made me want to visit Socrates Secret more was the photos I saw over at the blogs which had already featured them and I was glad to have seen the blogs I usually read.

It's such a shame posting the photos I took from my camera which I didn't even edit at all! 

Care to visit these blogs I gawked upon?

If you did visit them or either one, you'll notice how bright, vibrant and clear their photos are.  Of course I didn't care to ask on the nitty-gritty of their camera practices or the kind of phones or cameras they use.

But one thing seems to be common with their photos, daylight!

If you are a blogger or an Instagramer, good photos is a priority, aside from of course a well-written content, but it would be much better if your voice is in your writing and you speak from the heart.

The best element you need in photography is lighting, good lighting and probably a diffuser.  However, it's also essential to really know your camera as to how to adjust white balance, ISO and 

Coming from tons of meetings and side trips to All Home and furniture shops, It was already dusk when we reached the place.

Cozy and blue were the words that I also found common in the blogs I mentioned above.  Which is easily discernible once you enter the restaurant, with wooden tables and chairs probably sourced in the nearby Silang area.  The azure blue shade on the walls give a hint of the kind of cuisine they serve-Mediterranean, primarily Greek.

I was just too shy to ask about the owl figures which were all over the place and at their logo.  But I found it amusing as well.

Since it was just me and my husband at that time, service was a breeze.

There was even a complimentary serving of mixed nuts.

On to our meals.

I opted to try the Kofta and paired it with the Couscous Tabboulleh.

Did you know that after eating these meat balls, I got all inspired and searched my cookbooks on how to make them at home?  Let me share the recipe of my Baked Kofta HERE.

 Kofta is a version of meatballs from the Mediterranean, the Balkans, and India with variations innate from the country of origin.  The Greek version, which is the one served here are deep fried beef balls, served with tzatziki (a cold yogurt based dipping sauce with cucumbers, garlic, salt, olive oil, vinegar or lemon).

I love how crunchy the outside of the kofta is and how tender it is and well-cooked inside.  Though I think they could put more tzatziki to the bunch.

The Couscous Taboulleh is actually a salad.

Taboulleh is usually made with bulgur wheat, but there are a rainbow of varieties to make this.  Socrates' Secret decided to use couscous on this.

Couscous are micro-balls of semolina (a variety of wheat), a staple with Middle Eastern cuisines.  It's not supposed to be tasty, as it is eaten like rice, so to make in appetizing, herbs and other vegetables are added.

Of course, the man deserved something heavy and worthy of a Grecian honorable officer, so I ordered a kebab plate for him.  I was relieved to have noticed that he was enjoying his plate despite the price, well the two Beef Kebabs were really delectable and tender, though not that heavy on the spice.  Greek dishes are noted for their simple clean taste, but like Italians, they tend to lack more taste and saltiness, which we Filipinos are quite fond of.
We missed ordering their nice drinks, and their desserts as we just had coffee and pastries while driving. Perhaps we can do it next time.

This resto is family friendly, aside from being homey, though you can order wines and beers or just chill with some coffee concoctions but above all their menu is impressive enough.  A must-visit in the South area.


Address: Units 9 &10, Ground Floor,
              Laguna Central Building, Greenfield City,
              Don Jose, Santa Rosa

Socrates' Secret Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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