Tuesday, November 8, 2016

A Sweet Escape at Providore SM Aura

When I heard all about Raintree Restaurant's new baby from a common friend in FB, I got excited and have been expecting more info about it, which Mela have been successfully executing.

However, it took me quite some time to finally visit SM Aura and get to see their new resto concept.

I've been to a couple of Raintree Resto's and it's quite astonishing how they keep up to the ever changing need of diners and the trend of the market.  Each restaurant concept is ideal to a certain kind of diner with the common denominator of serving up unique menu deserving of your every money spent.  Also, to top it off, each resto is themed according to the mood of the resto and the kind of food they serve.

To serve as an example, I have compiled some of  the restaurants I was able to try and have featured below.

M Cafe's Dimsum High Tea is My Kind of Meryenda

This one is so memorable as I organized a meet-up for Lipstick and food-lovers.

I also tried some other branches and still the same lovely experience.

This time at SM Aura, you won't miss seeing Providore!  Not unless you spend your whole time in the mall at Forever 21, which I normally do, hahah.

Upon entry to the main lobby, you will see an encircled big letter P,  that is highlighted in light blue, that's where Providore is.

It's like a mini food haven, where you'll be surrounded with FOOD, glorious, wondrous, beautiful food!

Let me warn you now, when you come there, make sure, your stomach is empty and just empty your mind of what you want to eat for the day.

And don't get lost in the midst of all the food you can see.  "Kalma lang!"

Also, don't get tempted to order dessert first, but it really doesn't matter if you begin with dessert and end with the heavy mains, or better yet get dessert first and end the meal with another dessert.

Apart from the baked goods displayed all over, on one side is an assemblage of artisan products from local suppliers.

If you haven't tried salted egg chips, you can buy them here.

No shortage of gourmet food in a jar at Providore.

My favorite coffee, Steep is here too.

You can do your shopping for food while waiting for your order and be able to help out medium-scale local merchants.

I did not intend to eat heavy yet during my visit, which I regretted terribly, since I was off to review Coca Restaurant for SeatsPH.

Hence, I opted to get coffee and some pastries to go with it.

But I  got all crazy after more than 15 minutes of of flicking through the pages of the menu, which was very extensive.  It was quite surprising to notice that the food is priced affordably and seeing the photos of the food, they seem too large for a plated meal, well, maybe for me, that is.

I kept on telling myself, I really have to be back here and bringing the family is a must, so I can try a lot of the dishes in the menu, without making my tummy sick of all the food I want to taste here.

Then I decided, coffee it is and I ordered, Providore Caffe Affogato (P 195).  Apparently it's their famous Frozen Custard served with a shot of espresso.

Because their full display of baked goodies really had me, I ordered the Pastry Board, it's either three or five kinds of pastries of your choice from their display case.  I chose the baked empanada (not sure what's it called), banana streusel cake and glazed orange cake.

You may know that I love baking but I don't like my baked goods to be too sweet, so I had the mini loaves taken home and I got to share them with my hubby with hot tea when I got home.  I was able to finish the chicken pocket pie in no time as it was easy on the bite and the inside has a creamy sauce fused into the shredded chicken meat.

The addition of Providore in SM Aura gives mall-goers more choices in dining, its a one stop shop for everyone's food cravings either for bistro food, classic Filipino dishes,  meryenda and a lot more.


Providore Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

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