Friday, November 11, 2016

Wiser Choices at Shopwise Harrison Plaza

Women in the modern society had assumed the role of shopping agents or gatekeepers for the family. Like many other women, I exert tremendous spending power, making over 80 percent of buying decisions in our home alone. This role is so entrenched in our culture that shopping has been institutionalized as a "life skill", as part of the nurturing of the family.  Everyone, I mean everyone has to do some shopping or buying somehow.  Wouldn't you want to have a complete stock of things inside your home?

When I was growing up, I used to spend  some time with my mom at the groceries, it used to be a learning activity for me and it was fun.  I do have a lot good memories spent in some grocery stores that we grew up with.  A trip to the shopping center actually can foster good relationships in between parents and kids, however this hasn't been the case during the past years.

Shopping can either be a horror story or just a stressful event for me, adding the traffic issue makes it even more nerve-wracking.  Despite that, I still find comfort knowing that there are companies who still think of their clients. 

I'm talking about the new Shopwise Manila!

The Grand Unveiling of the New Shopwise Manila

Last November 8, I visited the newly designed Shopwise branch in the iconic Harrison Plaza Mall in Malate, Manila.  It was actually a grand unveiling of Shopwise Manila's new look as it introduced a new world of shopping experience whilst rediscovering the good life.

A short program was prepared for the guests, which included the media, suppliers, company officials and was hosted by Iya Villana.

A visit to Harrison Plaza has always been a blast from the past for me.  It used to be  my college "tambayan" (I'm from DLSU, if you might want to know).  It is where I first watched a movie with my uncle, and many other nostalgic moments come in to mind when I think of that place.

But due to the ever-changing times where malls have sprung open on every district, Harrison Plaza had lost it's grandeur.  But I'm glad that Rustan Supercenters, Inc., the company behind Shopwise Supercenters have had their first major facelift here.  Hoping that other Shopwise branches will follow suit in the coming seasons.

If you have been a regular browser of this blog and my Instagram feed, you might have noticed some shout outs and high praises for Shopwise Manila.

You may read about an article at Shopr18es, Shopwise' !8th Anniversary Festival

Rediscover different worlds of shopping 


Notice the spacious alleys, I think it's great for families who loves bonding thru shopping.  This and other fresh shopping experiences awaits every shoppers here.  A number of exciting "worlds" have been designed to provide for the varying needs and wants based on their individual shopping preferences.

Promos, promos, promos...

With the vision to share the "good life," budgeting and being a practical yet savvy buyer had always been in their thoughts as well.  Thus, you will definitely take delight in the monthly promos they have

The main isle is fully-loaded with sale items and "Buy One, Take One" items.

 Easy to Find Items for That Quiky Buying

Sometimes, shopping excursions would be a marathon type event, where you only have a limited time to spend buying certain products.  Also, there would be times that looking for the products is like playing "Hide-and-Seek Game" and this can eat up your time and worst exhaust you.  So, it is important that products are grouped together according to the shoppers' needs.                                

This deli section comes in really handy for that quick visit to buy items for an impromptu get-together or like a wine and dine at home kind of party.  Beside this huge glass encasement are imported wines too.

Fresh Items A Plenty

Last October, Shopwise celebrated heir 18th anniversary and I was blessed enough to have been introduced early on their Fresh Produce Section.  We've visited several times to buy their Norwegian Pink Salmon, which was then Buy 1 Kg, Free 1/5 Kg.

It's a haven for healthy shoppers too.  Take a load of these fresh leafy vegetables.  You can either go organic, all-natural or imported, either way, you are assured of freshness without burning holes in your pocket.

Imagine buying a pack of alfalfa sprouts for only P 39.00 and heirloom cherry tomatoes for that gorgeous Instagram-worthy dish you can plate with.  There are more hard-to find veggies here like my favorite "sayote tops" and sliced and packed Davao pomelo.

Exciting Worlds

Discover the beauty within you at the Health and Beauty Section for the best in hair, body, skin, facial, oral and general healthcare  products.

Nearby is the Baby Section, making every babies truly hapy with the finest baby milk, diapers, baby care, clothes and accessories.

The sports and leisure world is where you can find the best casual wear for the men, women and kids alike.

There is also the Electronic World, for your modern appliance upgrades and other kitchen essentials.

Food Market

Spending quite sometime going around, finding all the family's needs can be exhausting and can make you hungry, but, no need to go out of the vicinity as Shopwise went the extra mile and provided a dining area where you can either grab a snack and go or have a full meal.  The wide selection of ready to serve food like the Mongolian and Asian favorites, a salad stop, deli and Shopwise' very own home-made pizza - the Pizzayolo.

See, the good life is not just a theory, it can be a reality as long as you keep on wising up, so make wiser choices at Shopwise Harrison Plaza Mall.

For more information about Shopwise and where to find its branches, you may click thru, do follow them at Facebook: @ShowiseSupercenters and Instagram and Twitter: @shopwise_ph.

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