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The Family's Bluewater Maribago Escapade

If you've clicked on this post you are one of three people: 1) someone who wants to know how to enjoy summer even with kids 2) a hater who wants to criticize me for bringing my kids on our wedding anniversary at this very romantic beach or  3) you are my mom (Thanks Mama, who is in Milan).

Well, yes, yet again we brought our kids with us to celebrate our bond of love, and we are on our 19th year.  Whew!  Believe me it wasn't all bed of roses and I'm no "Supermom" at all, as many would tell me.  Rearing four kids, a dog and a husband can easily burn one down, add to it some business on the side and the family's not so good medical condition. 

If you are one or two, I have news for you! Chances are you will definitely be taking my words on this.  Bhogs and I have ditched our plan to go out of the country to do something extra as a means to celebrate and welcome another beautiful year of togetherness.  Instead, he bought tickets ahead bound for Mactan, Cebu and I took it from there.  After experiencing Bluewater Sumilon without him and the kids, I have sincerely prayed that my next island tour in Cebu would be with them.  

God has done more than I could ask or even imagine!  Would you believe it, I was able to get booked at another Bluewater resort, this time in Maribago, Mactan Island.  

Bluewater Maribago is part of the Bluewater Resorts group, which was established in 1989.  I did the math and just like that, 26 years of providing luxurious accommodations cohered with a superior hospitality to  boot.

After episodes of being dramatically drawn to their resorts in Panglao, Bohol and in Sumilon Island, Cebu, I expected the same mesmerizing sceneries, kind of service, island activities and of course, felicity. But the whole experience was way beyond my expectations.  Similar details from the other two Bluewater resorts are evident, but again there are distinct differences and probably incomparable from nearby resorts in Maribago.  

Finding Balance in Bluewater Maribago

You see, it's the kind of place a trying-hard, Super-mom wannabe like me can really re-evaluate one's own idea of balance, either for just a calming 20 minutes uninterrupted by kids.  Being too familiar with daily routines does not mean you're a good parent.  I've read that one tip to attain a stress-free life is having equilibrium, which means, I need to reevaluate my present practices, be kinder to myself and enact change.  And one thing Bluewater taught me is appraising myself, benefiting from nature and the passion that built this resort.

Mothers are natural caregivers who often make the mistake of forgetting to give to themselves and their relationships, too. But a happy mom makes for a happier relationship and family, and being in a place surrounded by nature's beauty can definitely top that.

This place is perfect for reconnecting not only with your weary soul but also with your partner (well you know what I mean).  It is mighty essential for couples to carve out time to talk, hear, understand, and respond fully to each other, away from the crowds, crap loads of work and routines.

The Best Family-friendly Hotel in Cebu

This summer, better get quality time to bond with your kids and husband. You will feel less deranged and have an energy that's renewed to put towards what really matters. Better said, you will have the stillness that will allow you to be truly present with your family, leading to stronger connections with them.

Bluewater Maribago is one that I could definitely put my two cents in when it comes to family fun, urban escape sort of thing. 

The 110-meter beachfront of white sand, shallow clean beach, a private island which is said to be an entertainment nook and that works as a breakwater as well, is enough for a two-day of frolicking. Dotted with cabanas, palm trees and  at some areas are hammocks under trees, it is just perfect for lazing, not minding the time move by.

My youngest is seen snorkeling in the video below, trying to see if some fish could be swimming by. You can see how even the sea ground is well-kept from sharp rocks or shells.

To go to the private island, you can either swim to it, wade through the sea water or have a boatman take you there.

On rare occasions, there would be bands playing here.  There is electricity, a guard who has a radio and a comfort room.  Bhogs thought this could be a nice venue for wedding too, as a stage afloat is on one side of the island.  I think they are the only resort along the coast that have this.

The view of the Maribago shore line from the private island.  

There are three lagoon-shaped swimming pools with waterfalls.

THE MAIN POOL- near Allegro Restaurant

What I love most in the pool areas are the tree-shaded parts of the pools, trees are everywhere and flowering bougainvillea are peppered and placed artistically on trellised areas.



Our second day was spent swimming here and my kids made friends with Japanese babies with their parents, playing with them on the pool.   This area is tucked inside a vast, and lush garden surrounded by the Deluxe rooms.  This makes a better hide-away if you want a more private place just hangout to. 


With amazing activities for the adults and kids, even a long stay can be worthwhile.  In fact, during our two-day stay there are  a lot of foreign guests that came as a family, mostly with toddlers and pre-schoolers.

If basking under the sun is no fun, you can engage the family with daily fish-feeding at the Marine Wildflife Lagoon.  How about hiring a boat to take you to diving and snorkeling spots.  Ride the banana boat or for that spiked adrenaline rush, rent a jet ski.

Just across the reception area is another pavilion where you can purchase stuff such as pasalubong or personal care.  In the same area is where you can enjoy indoor sports like table tennis and billiards.

Aside from the pool with a slide (garden wing) there is a playground and kiddie playroom.  The addition of Dolpo Kids Club is also a major help for parents with restless kids.  They make younger kids stay as enjoyable and comfortable as possible with fun and educational activities 

Though my kids weren't able to enjoy those since our stay was short, swimming in the three pools and bumming in the beach were more than enough to invigorate them and get them more excited to come to school and share their wonderful pre-summer activities with us.


We stayed at the largest and probably the best room you could ever have here.  We got the whole Royal Bungalow, two adjoining rooms that open to the grandeur view of the beach.  The rooms are comparable to the ones in both Sumilon and Panglao resorts.  Under the meticulous design of  master craftsman Benji Reyes (son of Severino "Lola Basyang" Reyes).  The original-designed cantilevered beds are there, furniture made from re-purposed woods, and a very spacious bathroom with self-standing bath tub make up for a sybaritic stay

My son took this video of one of the room where we stayed.

The signature sliding glass door, and the veranda.

World-class hanging bed, that's comfy and clean.

Modern bathroom amenities.

My fave bathroom look ever, the large bath tub ornated with shin stones and perfectly shaped Italian tiles.

Typically, their published rate for the Royal bungalow costs Php 30,000 ++, with daily buffet breakfast, welcome cold towels. welcome drinks. roundtrip airport transfers, complimentary Wi-Fi access, complimentary limited use of non-motorized water sports facilities.  However, you access their website booking to get discounted rates here.

And because Bhogs and I were just in awe, and most of the weekend visitors have checked out, we were able to scout the other rooms and thought we share them with you. 

Bluewater Maribago’s Premier Deluxe Rooms

Deluxe Room in the Garden Area

Amuma Spa Suite

Sunset and night light sights

Day Tours. Non-Resort Visitors can use the beach and resort’s swimming facilities for the day. Minimal fee applies.

It was definitely a grand time for us, even though we had to spend our wedding anniversary with our kids.  After all, they are the focus of this relationship and nothing can compare with the times and luxury we shared with them, it's like giving them a gift we couldn't afford but being blessed back a hundred folds.

And we have God and Bluewater Resorts to thank!

Buyong Maribago, Lapu-lapu City
Cebu, Philippines 6015

Phone: (63 32) 492 0100
Fax: (63 32) 492 1808

Rm. 704 Cityland Herrera Tower Rufino cor. Valero Sts. Salcedo Village
Makati City, Philippines

Phone: (63 2) 817-5751 / 887-1348
Fax: (63 2) 893-5391


  1. Wow, this place is as old as I am! :) It's like a paradise on earth! It's okay to bring your kids along. I think they deserve to spend this wonderful time and celebration with you. I want to visit this resort as well with my family!!! :)

    1. You're 26 na? thought you were only in our earl twenties. Thanks for the thought, it was the best decision we made. Please do visit them, I'm sure you and you're family will have a blast.

  2. Wow! I guess, bringing your kids along made it more perfect and enjoyable! I would love to visit this resort anytime soon. :)

  3. I am a Bluewater Club member and I always love their rooms. Been to Sumilon and Panglao as well. The Bluewaters Group have really nice resorts. ;)

  4. Just seeing the pictures makes me already relaxed what else if i go there? Perhaps, I'm forever sleeping in their bed.

    Thanks for providing the infos. and the location of the sales office where I'm just few kilometers away. I'll bookmark this for our future reference when we plan our trip.

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    2. You won't regret booking your next vacation with them;)

  5. wow this place is a paradise for me. Sure you have a great stay at the resort. Gusto kong maligo na .

  6. Very well said, i love how you are very specific with your review about the place and the accommodation..thank you

  7. Just last night, me and my wife are thinking about and kind of planning to visit CEBU. She loves the beaches there! Well, I think if she will read your post, she will surely ask for it this summer.

    1. Oh please go there! I've yet to post my blog for our DIY Metro Cebu day tour.

  8. Blue water escapade is something for me together with my family to avail especially this summer and Cebu is the best place for this environment. By the way, why makes the water looks blue? In my elementary days, our teacher told us that it is the reflection of the blue sky. I don't think so.

    1. Funny my son and I talked about the sea water being blue, azure, aquamarine etc. According to him its the other way around the color of the water is reflected on the sky and bounces back to the ocean bed, I'ms still confused hehe...

  9. Heard so much about this place, and yes, it's summer once again---better ready for summer adventure at the beach or in the pool.

  10. That's exactly the place where hubby and I spent our honeymoon! Thanks for igniting my precious memories!

  11. That's a a great place to bring a whole family and spending time with friends. The place is so inviting.

  12. Wow! I'm enjoying your photos and all the views. I liked the interiors of you room. How much did this vacation cost you?

    1. To be honest, it was a complimentary stay but the hotel costs, roughly P15000 per room for the Royal Bungalow beach front.

    2. A complimentary stay? Wow, you girl is lucky. The place looks beautiful.

  13. What a great place to have a bonding with the family. And uhm you're sexy and sweet couple

  14. The place looks really scenic from the beach, to nature and to their facilities. This would really be a great place to visit.

  15. wow, I love Maribago Bluwaters..I have conducted a teambuilding seminar here for my client few years back :)

  16. I want to visit Bluewater Maribago, too. The place is gorgeous. Belated happy anniversary!

    1. Thank you Ms. Teresa, hope you can visit them soon, and go around Cebu, Cebu has lots to offer, from history, malls, resorts, and food!

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