Sunday, March 8, 2015

Niu by Vikings Launched Resdiary Online Restaurant Reservation Service

Nothing beats a sumptuous feast at Vikings! 

I've been to several of their branches already, five out of the eight branches that they have to date, and Vikings in SM Jazz mall have always been my favorite. This time I got an amazing experience at the newest branch down cold.  Coined as the most luxurious of their luxury buffets, Niu by Vikings proved to be a haven for gastronomy and gourmets longing for a feast-for-the-vikings with

Let me quote Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin for me to fully describe what anyone can expect in Niu,  "Its purpose is to ensure the conservation of men, using the best food possible..."  This is how he have defined gastronomy, my most favorite topic of all, next to talking about God's fullness of Grace in my life.  Niu have definitely put themselves on this major category.

Niu by Vikings' aim is to bring utter satisfaction to epicures and food-lovers who have discriminating taste for good food and has high respect on the art of preparation and presenting food in all its glory. With its ambiance and location (located on the topmost floor of SM Aura Premier) making them at par with the top hotel restaurant buffets and beating them with affordable rates, coming here can be one of our best food feats.

Got to say that I was not only impressed with their buffet spread but with the whole concept tied up with "Pinterest-perfect" interiors.

From its derivative in the Old Norse language, Niu means the number 9, with certain significance in the Norse mythology.  Interestingly, they also have nine different stations with a medley of different cuisines that efficiently accommodates every dining courses.  

But, hell breaks lose here, you don't need to exactly follow a course, you can even start with wine and cocktails.  As they are included in the buffet fee.  Now, that's savvy!

The best way for me to really express my awe and wonder of the remarkable selection on the buffet spread is through photo collages.  

These photo collection I've snapped don't do much justice is the space for this blog won't be enough to capture all the hundreds and hundreds of food at Niu.

Apart from getting fattened like a cow at Niu, it was a pleasant time knowing that they have signed up partnership with Govago's Resdiary

Resdiary is the newest restaurant reservation application that eliminates pen and paper reservation, making the the process of handling customers' seating faster and maximizes engagement with diners resulting to only satisfied diners.

I had the chance to try the application for myself with the help of a Resdiary staff as their way of making Niu's customer get accustomed to the manner.  

It was so easy to navigate through the whole process.  There are actually two ways to reserve seats at Niu.  Knowing how hard it is at times to get your tables at Niu, this reservation process makes the whole Niu experience even more pleasurable and stress-free, without calling or even texting them.  Who doesn't want to enter the venue directly without waiting outside in line for an available tables.  

We are so used to barging into restaurants and realizing that there isn't a table available for us. Especially on special occasions when everyone seemed to be celebrating over a dinner at a restaurant. Resdiary is the answer to that and aren't we glad Resdiary tied up with Niu on this?

To book your tables at Niu, there are more than one way, you can either go to Niu's Facbook page and search for the logo of Resdiary on the left side or click on the button at the upper right that says Book Now.

You can also go to Resdiary's landing page and search for Niu and reserve there.  Look for the button, BOOK.

Another way is log in at Niu's website and look for the floating button that say's Reserve Now. These means are all powered b Resdiary.

Here is an even greater way, since it is Govago's goal to digitize the restaurant industry and allow us much easier to connect online, on our mobile devices, as long as we are online.

Address:  SM Aura Premier
                26th Street Corner
                McKinley Parkway, Taguig
Contact Numbers: 478-3888, 847-3888,
               0917-586-6888, 0919-999-6888


  1. When I attended the Blogapalooza event before, Niu gave us a pass for a special tour which I humbly turned down since we're going home then. Gosh! I shouldn't have done that!

  2. Wow! This could be one of the most useful blogs we’ve ever arrive across about this subject.Superb. I’m also an expert in this topic therefore I can understand your effort

  3. wow!! thanks for sharing, we once tried at the block but it like jam packed! my wife always told me to try this with my kids but i think its expensive LOL but then i realize it the experience, ambiance, food of course that counts, hopefully this end of month we're able to dine here! thanks for sharing!

  4. This is really an elegant place to dine. I should check this out at SM Aura.

  5. If only I am not on a diet - I'll be rushing on with them asap lol

  6. I've tried Vikings twice before but have never tried Niu yet. The food looks amazing! Good to know it's now easier to book tables too.

  7. Wow, these meals look all so delicious especially the Sicilian pizza slices and the desserts! YOur pics are so mouth-watering!!!

  8. That's the only Viking branch I've never been to... I would love to try it because I've heard it's really different from the other branches.

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