Monday, January 12, 2015

Neo-classical Romanticism at Vikings SM Jazz Mall

Milan, Italy is my parents and siblings' second home, thus it is mine too and I can't wait to come back.  Though only in my dreams, I would definitely barter for any tour, for me and my family to go back and see again the grandeur that is Italy.  In order for me to ease my yearning to coming to Italy is basking in Italian cuisine at home and when I'm called to indulge to dine out.

What made  me so in love in that romantic country is its renaissance art depicted in their architectural preeminence.  Bucolic monuments, neo-classical buildings to gothic palaces and everywhere you look seems to transport you in the era you only have read on novels.

Once you've been there, you will never leave without leaving aprt of your heart there.  So there, I really, really miss Italy, well also my relatives, hehe.

That being out in the open, I'm glad to tell you that I found a decent dose to cure my ailing heart, I found it in Vikings' newest branch, SM Jazz Mall.  Let my photos tell you why.

As you enter...

Getting a table may require some perseverance, for it easily gets crowded during dining times,  They open daily at 11:00am to 2:30pm and  5:30pm to 10:00pm.  Better call them ahead and book your seats early.

With their essentially affordable dining rates of Php 688+ for lunch and Php 888+ for dinner as compared to hotel buffets, it's no surprise they get pretty full even when they are still new.  

After all, Vikings is incontestable the best non-hotel buffet restaurant in town!

Oh no, I hope this photo won't get me wrong!  I look somewhat melancholic ain't I?  Well, I'm not any good posing for  the camera, but I can't help it, every spot is so nostalgic and inspiring enough that would not only fill ones tummies to it's maximum capacity but would also get you planning a dream tour to Italy.

Don't you simply adore these semi-circle quilted chairs?

Coming here became a practice venue for the different applications of my new Samsung K Zoom.

As compared to other branches which are bigger, SM Jazz is more intimate and with different rooms or divisions you can choose to have your meals from.  Perfect for that big corporate meals.

Two of the rooms even have their ceilings painted as inspired probably from the famous Sistene Chapel painted by Michelangelo.  

How about being transported to Venice or Florence with this mini-bridge?

What a work of art!  Yes, I'm talking about the dessert choices, or wait I was also checking out the huge colorful light fixture made from Murano glasses.

Until I reached the end of the restaurant and I was magnetized by how the wash station was elegantly-designed.  My mom would definitely love these Murano basins and what a brave decision to add glass vases her as well over a well-laid on granite tiles.  Just beautiful!

The walls and posts are so rustic, with ivory-painted bricks, some walls even had chalkboards.  

I also noticed how some dining details are neatly kept in organized matter everywhere, putiing into mind every customer's need.

Now let, me go in to the nitty-gritty of food offerings...

Like the other branches, they have different cuisine offerings.  My first stop was this wooden boat filled with sushi, sashimi and maki.

Top to my list when I see sushi about to be prepared for me is the freshness and quality of the ingredients, that being the fish.  According to the chef, stationed here, they get daily deliveries of the day's fresh catch, also reagrding the same thing for all of the ingredients.

After filling my first plate with enough Asian dishes, I made a nice pot with my choice of condiments and meat slices to be filled with your choice fromTom Yum, Korean Guk or Beef Brisket soup.  I choce Tom Yum but asked the chef to mellow down on the spices, they would gladly customize your soup pot.

Yay!  Yakiniku station a-plenty here!

They also cater a variety of Spanish, Filipino and Chinese dishes. 

Of course, what can an Italian-inspired venue be if it is not for Italian cuisine.  A humble offering of pizzas, pasta and other Italian favorites such as stews and not to miss are other Mediterranean stuff. 

One of the crowd-favorite is the grilling station.

Not to miss are these salads of lovely colors and permutations.

This particular station garnered the title "blockbuster" as it never ran out of diners in line, in long line, which I never really minded.  AS you can see perfectly roasted beef, lambs and steaks heavily loaded up the huge cutting boards. oiled, crumbed, and essenced with heavily with savory meat juices and herbs and spice.  Oh and right next to it is a table decorated with all kinds of gravies and sauces for your carnivorous fare.

Lastly, you can not leave without even trying out at least one from these glorious dessert station.  But I'm sure you can get away with a cup of your DIY customized Halo-Halo.

Or why not, thin slices (I'm way particular of that when we talk about cakes and pastries you know!) of every cakes they offer,

There goes my first plate and my Shabu-shabu.

Just in case, they do have different rice varieties, but I opted not to eat rice as I stuffed myself with these- Roast Beef Slices and medium-rare Roast Lamb drizzled with cranberry sauce and with a helping of mint-jelly.

Desserts are strawberry frozen yogurt which is self-served so it added a bit of excitement.  Then I got to decorate it yummily with red velvet cookie, mango and chocolate chips.   My gelato recommendation would be bubblegum flavor, which most of us loved and something I felt eating without limit.

So tell me, how can you not fall in love in Vikings SM Jazz Mall?  And oh, yeah, I definitely #eatlikeaviking. 

Address:  SM Jazz Mall, Metropolitan Avenue Cor.
                Nicanor Garcia St., Makati
Contact Numbers:  891-3888, 891-4888


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