Thursday, January 8, 2015

A Taste of KPOP's Soft-Ice Cream and Honey at Milk Cow

I've ended my blogging entry for 2014 with a sweet bang, though we rang 2015 with a semi-glorious feast at our home (which I'm hoping to blog), this experience remained to be one guilty pleasure to boot.  I'm ecstatic to report that this new dessert place in Eastwood City that rocked Korea and some Asian countries is now open to wow dessert lovers of the metro.

Last December 20, Korea's well-loved premium organic dessert cafe have opened its doors with a first branch in Manila.  This is just one gift I have received early for Christmas being one of the few to have tasted it first.

In Malaysia, since the opening of its flagship in KL, ice cream lovers has been lining up for their selections and most of them would line up for ten minutes just to get a taste of Asia's best organic soft serve ice cream.  With over 50 branches in South Korea and with branches in Japan, Malaysia and now in our country, the artisanal KPop ice creamy delight accompanied with natural honey comb.

All thanks to Seann Tan, President of Milk Cow Philippines, for having discovered this treat after trying it  out during their vacation in Korea.  Believed that a franchise would be a great addition to Manila's sweeping dessert sphere, he was able to bring it here as we Filipinos are naturally sweet-toothed but are more wiser to what they eat.  And I guess the thought of an organic ice cream seemed to be a welcome idea as many organic restaurants triumphed.  

So, what's the fuss about using organic milk for ice cream?  Dairy cows raised for organic milk production can not be given antibiotics and synthetic growth hormones, as the law dictates. Plus, organic dairy cows must be raised on 100%-certified organic feed. That includes grazing on certified organic pasture grown without herbicides, pesticides, or synthetic fertilizers. Organic feed may not come from genetically modified sources, either. 

Compared to conventional milk, organic milk coming from Korea, which Milk Cow uses, has been shown to have higher amounts of specific health-promoting nutrients, such as vitamin E, beta-carotene, omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants.  

The honey and honeycombs are however from farms from Tasmania and Sydney, Australia.

Another thing which will lure you with its rainbow colors are these uniquely flavored macarons displayed in their glass case, boy, these sinfully addicting treats will make you wanting to go back here more, which you can also partner with coffee or with their ice cream variants, of course.

Their best-seller is the Milky Cube.  The basic Milky Way soft serve topped with the natural honeycomb.  Their soft serve ice cream is less sugary though compared to most of the ice creams we have so the 100% honey is the best accompaniment.

True to its name, it is indeed milky

If you think you might not be able to enjoy the honeycomb for some reasons, you may opt to having the Milky Honey, where the honey is swirled to the ice cream.

Oreo lovers deserve to be treated fairly with a doze of Cookie and Cream.

If you needed some pick-me-uppers, this one might sum up what you need.  Though looking so dandy and girly, this ice cream capped with cotton candy is just a dreamy escape from the harsh stressful world that is hiding in the name of "WORK."  As you dig into it, more surprises will be discovered as you will get the taste of sea salt and jelly beans.

If others would go for a double treat - Macao Dream (soft-serve organic ice cream topped with a macaron and almond crumble) or the Golden Angel (with white chocolate syrup and white chocolate chips), I'd go frantic and go for Green Light.

The Green Light is their Christmas flavor, with mint syrup and almond crumble adorning it.

Wanting for a heavier snack rather than having just ice cream, make way for this ultra-flaky croissant with either apple cinnamon cream cheese or parmesan basil pesto spreads.

Coffee creations are also part of their menu, since Koreans are coffee-drinkers by heart.

Get to choose from espresso, mocha, latte and mocha of course is mixed with organic milk and their natural honey.  That's really some kinda coffee huh.  Their blends are from Italy, btw.

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