Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Not Only for the Sweet-toothed Us!

I've never taught myself how to believe in tooth fairies and as grew up and became a mom, I also didn't give my daughters any inkling to this slowly-dying myth.  I'm sorry if I'm hitting any principles
here, but it's the truth.  However, this does not make any exception that I never cared of having good sets of teeth to replace milk teeth, same goes with how I decided to teach my kids how to take care of their permanent teeth.

We are undoubtedly a family of sweet-tooth, that is one reason I learned how to bake and create lovely, appetite-inducing desserts.  Thus, it is important that my family knows the importance of brushing our teeth to protect it from decays and what nots.

But here's the thing, at the recently concluded Colgate event at Marriott Hotel Manila, the common knowledge that sweets are the major culprit of tooth decays had been debunked.  

Having realized that not only sweets -meaning foods rich in sugar and carbo and acids, can ruin our teeth.   As a matter of fact, any kind of food can be culprits.  Yes, even healthy food such as fruits and vegetables can also cause damage, this is due to sugar acids.

Look at the photo above.  After devouring this plate, the host of the said event,  Hilary Isaac of CNN, asked us which of these can cause cavities, and well, surprisingly, both has certain amount of sugar acids that can attack our sensitive teeth.

So, here is the best news for us lovers of all things that are edible, Colgate has launched a toothpaste with innovative Sugar Acid Neutralizer technology that directly fights sugar acids in plaque, clinically proven to provide enhanced cavity protection (when combined with fluoride) versus a regular everyday fluoride toothpaste.

Colgate's new and unique Sugar Acid Neutralizer technology is powered by arginine, a naturally occurring amino acid. This unique Sugar Acid Neutralizer technology is metabolized by plaque bacteria, helping to neutralize the damaging acids produced by the breakdown of dietary free sugars, and in turn restoring pH in the plaque biofilm to a more neutral and healthy level. This technology is intended to complement the role of fluoride in daily toothpaste, to provide a significant and proven advancement in everyday protection against cavities.

Colgate's revolutionary new Sugar Acid Neutralizer technology is supported by eight years of research involving over 14,000 subjects and has been clinically proven to provide enhanced cavity protection versus a regular everyday fluoride toothpaste.

To find out more information, visit and register at www.colgateprofessional.co.uk.

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