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Fleeting Moments of Travel Bliss at Bluewater Sumilon

Here is a reminder from Jamie Hall, "life is but a fleeting moment so do not waste a second on something that doesn't make you smile."

I have never seen myself exploring Philippine islands and the natural beauties that made our country a wonderful tourism target.  However, when I started going out there and overcoming worries and fears that could have hindered me from seeing scenic spots that has left me breathless, I guess I have nothing more to share...

Although I am up to my neck with business stuff and writing (blogging) assignments, plus add to that my parents coming home from Milan, certain invitations from friends are just hard to say no to.  To say that the week has been “super busy” does not even justify, and with many things I have on my plate, I hope the title suits the weekend that made me forget about the word "busy."

The invitation for a weekend of bliss and nature-tripping, came too soon, but when I heard that we will be goin
g to Bluewater Sumilon, I pushed back all my deadlines and said "the hell" with my busy scheds.

The photo above is just one sign confirming that I made a good judgement and probably one of the best decision I made.   I thank God for that.

Before I go into the details of my fab and blissful stay at the island of Bluewater Sumilon, let me first ask you this, what is it that you're after when planning to get-away from the assiduous city environment? 

Are you up for an adventure or are you looking forward to a tranquil, basking-in-the-sun kind of sabbatical?

However or which way you like it, Bluewater Sumilon can deliver it with  utmost customer-centric culture.

Before you say anything, let me give you glimpses of its grandeur captured by my camera.

The geographic map of the whole island

After-sunset view of the infinity pool from the Pavilion Restaurant

Infinity pool

Blue, blue, won't get tired of it for sure!
The shifting sandbar, west side of the island.  Shot taken from the cliff.


Western dock, going to the marine sanctuary and Shining White Sandbar

Locals have access on the sandbar for a minimum fee.  From the Tan-awan, Oslob, you can rent an outrigger to take you here for 2,300 pesos.  It would be much better to come in group and share with the boat fee. A good boat ride of 20 to 30 minutes will get you in Sumilon Island.  However, if you didn't avail of Bluewater's day tour package, you will need to pay  10 pesos per head for the entrance fee. 


There are two ways to get to the Island, either you take a plane ride to Dumaguete City or come from Cebu.

Here is how our group went to the island.

A 10-minute ride from a van arranged by Bluewater took us to Sibulan port, however, you can take a tricycle ride from the airport.  We then jaunted a big outrigger which goes directly to the Sumilon Island dock.  Sea conditions vary, during our travel, the tides were vicious, thus it took us an hour to reach the island.  To make sure though, you can handle even the nastiest waves, better take "kontra-hilo" medicines (antinauseants) before this trip, 

I must commend Dumaguete for the spot-on cleanliness of the city, specially the port and the people are very kind and courteous.  I can attest to the tourists' safety in this side of Visayas.

Another way is from Oslob, which will need to take a 3-hour drive from Cebu City.  Bluewater have an exclusive ferry port - Bancogon Pavilion, where you can wait and be transported to the island via a 15-minute boat ride.  The free 2-way transfers between the the pavilion and Sumilon Island are scheduled at 1.5 hr. intervals with the first trip at 7 AM and the last at 4:30 PM. 

At the Bancogon port, to dock going to Sumilon Island, which can be seen in the photo

On our boat-ride, I was calculating how I'm going to finish all the things I left behind in my home-office, but as soon as I spotted the island, I got so enthralled without even anticipating on what's to happen on our three days stay at the island.  From a far, it's beauty glistened and as we came nearer the picture was slowly being defined by the lushness of the greeneries and how nature had carved the island.  

Docked on the island, the boat staff in a gentlemanly act guided us across the docking bridge while welcoming staff greeted us we finally gilded the island.  Even from the docking area you can already say that it's sprawling jewel of a garden.  

Each pocket gardens from every rooms are perfectly manicured.  Each rooms have its own veranda where you can just enjoy the panoramic ocean view while enjoying the welcome fruits and beverage prepared for each guests.

I slept like a baby on one of these comfortable beds.  We stayed on Room 2, which is part of a duplex connected to Room 1.  A good venue for a group of 2 couples or two small families who wanted to be slightly together.

As you can see on my photos, you can not ask for anything else anymore.  All the amenities you need for a luxe stay on a private-hotel room is accounted for.

There are fourteen rooms (arranged as seven cottages, each with two adjoining rooms) with private verandas that offer views of the sea, cove, and mainland Cebu. Each room has an area of 48-square meters.

For more info about our room which is a Deluxe Room click on this link; 

Another thing that I love here in Sumilon is the hammock under the trees provided for every room, either you stay in the cold air-conditioned room or just let time pass while you catch up on your reading or just enjoy the surrounding amidst the lulling sound of the ocean waves.

Above is one of the ten Premier Deluxe rooms overlooking the ocean, with a panoramic view of the majestic southern Cebu mountain range. has an area of 67.30 sqm with two very comfortable queen sized beds along with other well-appointed amenities.

The two-bedroom family villa

A private enclave for families seeking complete privacy and relaxation right in the heart of Bluewater Sumilon Island Resort.  It's nestled above the cliff secluded away from the other rooms. The villa has its own private dipping pool and a veranda in the middle of the two rooms.  You will definitely fall in love with its unimpeded view of the ocean and the rest of the island.

Honeymoon Villa

There is more to this, I have so many things still to share about my urban escape here in Sumilon.

These are but fleeting moments of bliss you’ll keep in your heart always.   At the end of it, this view won't make you say goodbye to the island, because you are bound to come back.

Sumilon Bluewater Island Resort
Address: Brgy. Bancogon, Sumilon Island, Oslob,
               6025 Cebu
Tel: (032) 382-0008 and (032) 318-9098
Mobile numbers: (0917) 631-7514 and (0917) 631-7512

Cebu City booking office
Address: CRM Bldg., Escario cor. Molave Sts., Lahug,
               6000 Cebu City
Tel:  (032) 412-2436
Mobile numbers (0917) 631-7508 and (0998) 962-8263

Manila Office:
Address:  Rm. 1120, Cityland/Herrera Towers,
               98 Herrera cor. Valero St. Salcedo Village, Makati City
Tel: (632) 817-5751 and (632) 887-1348. Fax: (632) 893-5391


  1. Sure looks inviting! Would love to try the family suite myself one of these days, with the kids :)

    1. Oh yes, truly Ling, please do visit, you and your family will have a grand time.

  2. For the past days I've been searching on about Sumilon Island aside from Oslob which one of my dream destination for vacation either with my hubby or family. This blog really tease me to visit Sumilon :)

  3. wow!!! the place is superb, indeed a great place to relax with your love one.

  4. Absolutely gorgeous. It must be so relaxing to spend a honeymoon in there.

  5. what a charm! I love the infinity pool.


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