Thursday, November 13, 2014

A Sumptuous Bohol Bee Farm Tour

Do you know of a place where you deserve to bee?  Pun intended, Bohol Bee Farm is 
a venue partly concealed from everyone but is a jewel meant to be discovered.

Located in Dao, Dauis in Panglao Island in Bohol. it is one of the well visited places by tourists. Nestled on a cliff with a view of the ocean, guests would surely enjoy the fresh air and  the sea breeze and with a buffet that will make you want to stay for a healthy and organic get-away.  

There are a number of splendid hotels and resort in Panglao Island, however, Bohol Bee farm offers quite a unique take for visitors.  For the admission fee of Php 30, one would experience  seeing a real bee farm and more.  However, during the time of our visit, they were on the process of rebuilding that facility after being damaged by the Yolanda storm. .

On our last day for the DOT sponsored Bohol Familiarization tour, we were brought to Bohol Bee Farm for lunch.  To note, they also have a restaurant with a healthy menu to boot.

Our path to the restaurant on a cliff.

The lovely pathway shaded with trellised plants that they also use in their dishes. 

The country and rustic feel that extends to their dining table also showcase Boholano's crafts and artistry.  

And this stunning view, never ceases to give comfort...

However, if famished from Bohol's challenging itinerary, a meal consisited of fresh, organic produce and home-baked treats can give you the utmost pleasure of coming here.

First to welcome us, at our own customized buffet area, the Organic Garden Salad.  Nothing can more aptly name this salad. as it's composed of all that were just-picked from the nearby garden, all-organic vegetables prettified with edible flowers and petals, making it naturally artistic to look at.  And yes, to emphasize on freshness, the different types of lettuce and arugula, including the flowers were planted right inside the premise.

Another appetizer is this huge platter of freshly fried cab-cab with a dip of mixed basil pesto and diced green tomatoes.  Cab-Cab or Kab-Kab are a Boholano delicacy made from mashed cassava pulp that is dried into thin wafers.  Usually deep-fried in to a crisp, this is a best alternative to junk foods or salty potato chips and is also gluten-free.

Of course, one of their main product is honey, however, they gather their honey now from a different farm cultivar in Inabanga.  So honey makes a great ingredient in some of the dishes in the menu.  Above is our group serving of Honey-glazed Chicken.

I loved every bite of the mix of sweet, salty and smokiness with a tickle of spiciness in the chicken.  However, I found it more Korean in nature specially with the addition of sesame seeds on top.

Next to it is the Grilled Marlin, which is garlicky and served with honey-soy sauce.  Nothing to spectacular yet.

A meal without a vegetable-based soup isn't a true Boholano menu so we had this Tola (short for Tagalog's Tinola), a mixed veggie in clear broth with seaweeds.

Lastly, we all got to sample the ice cream flavors they are famed for, mango and malunggay.

of  savory dishes  like  squash muffins, vegetable lasagna and  specially-brewed coffee from roasted corn and wild berries. All of their foods and  products are 100% natural and No preservative.

With the help of the staff they will tour visitors around the garden  and one would see  the natural organic process of growing plants, vegetables and other herbs and spices. Bohol Bee farm encourage farmers to use organic farming other than using the costly conventional method of using  fertilizers.  On that note, we also got some info on vermiculture and how vermicomposting can aid organic farming.

This usual garden flowering plant can actually be used to garnish their salad and other dishes.

The staff at Bohol Bee Farm, also teach you to do some livelihood activities and traditional hand crafts like raffia making, basket making, sewing and craft.  You can also buy some souvenirs  in their gift shop, they sell some organic herbs and spices, sauces, mustard and honey products, hand made bags and souvenirs made at the farm.

Bohol Bee Farm also offers great hotel accommodation, visitors  can really enjoy the whole natural experience.  Hotel amenities include 1 Queen Size Bed, Air conditioned rooms, Cable TV , Hot/Cold Showers and a Refrigerator in the room. They’re room rates starts from 2000 to 7000 depending on room type, you can also arrange to be picked up from the Air or Sea Port.

Apart from their wide range of Visayan and International cuisine, they are also home for the region's best artisan ice cream with out-of-this-world flavors such as, guyabano, pandan, durian, spicy ginger, malungay and dragon fruit.

With me is Travelife Magazine's photographer and writer, Julia Wimmerlin. my room-mate at Bluewater Panglao Resort.  

This place alone with activities and solace brimming can be your home for weekend or for a long vacation even, so if I were you this will make my list on how to enjoy Bohol more.

To see more of my Bohol journey, with a full three-day adventuresome itinerary, kindly click below:


Address: Dao, Dauis, Panglao Island, 6339 Bohol
Contact Numbers:(038) 502 2288


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