Friday, May 17, 2013

Tips on Dining Out with Kids + Claw Daddy's + Rufo's

At Claw Daddy' Crabhouse and American Grill
Introducing your children to the world of restaurant dining can be an exciting and rewarding experience for the family, or it can be an absolute nightmare.  From servers and staff that give less than stellar service the moment they see a child at the table to the glares of fellow kid-free diners, it isn’t always easy to enjoy a family meal out on the town. 
Yes, it's not always raining sunshine when kids are with you specially on the not so friendly atmosphere.   That gives me a thought.  Maybe I could also rate restaurants according to their friendliness especially to diners with kids and babies.
Here are some factors you might want to consider when figuring out where to bring the whole family or your kids out to dine.

1.  Know what your kids want or like to eat. 
 My kids always go for their favorites unless we have a meal that is pre-ordered.
Spaghetti Carbonara (Sharing Size: P 375)
My two little girls (7 and 9 yrs. old) always, without fail ask for Pasta Carbonara, in any pasta type.  Most of the time, if the restaurant doesn't have it in the menu, any pasta with cream or white sauce (like Alfredo will do).  Before getting on your seats or ordering, you may want to ask the wait staff or the chef if they serve your kid's favorite meal.  So you can either look for another restaurant or ask the chef for a recommendation.
Pepperoni Pizza (P 265)
2.  Order Safe Foods
If you find it hard to decide what to get for the family, you can always have a pizza.  Like the ones at Claw Daddy's, pizzas are served with thin crusts and a rich layer of mozzarella cheese

3.  Check Online Reviews
A restaurant may claim to be kid-friendly, but you’re more likely to get an objective observation regarding just how welcoming they are to younger diners by checking reviews online. High concentrations of negative reviews are strong indicators that the service may not be top-notch, especially if you have little ones in tow.

3.  Make sure the restaurant serves their kiddie meals interestingly.
At Claw Daddy, their chicken fingers and fries on this crafty car made from board.  This changes the kids focus from something else and breaks down boredom somehow.  Also once this is on the table, kids would hurry up finishing the food to get to play with this.

4.  Lastly, always bring with you insect repellent lotions or oils.
You never know where insects or mosquitoes might be thriving, specially on restaurants with poor lighting.

Kids having fun with us while waiting for their meals
Above are just what I could think of for now.  Maybe you have more tips.  Please, your comments for additional tips on dining out with kids are very much welcome.
Oh, also allow me to share another dish my kids have been raving for the whole week, Rufo's Tapa and Sisling Sisig.


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