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The Winning Energy behind Filipino Champions

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With the aim of raising awareness on the importance of breakfast to youth development, MILO brought two new faces on board to lead by example. College basketball prodigy Kiefer Ravena and rising cager Prince Carlos join professional athlete Chris Tiu in exemplifying the MILO brand of sportsmanship and wellness.

As three of the most esteemed and accomplished alumni of the MILO sponsored Basketball Efficiency Scientific Training (BEST) Center program, Kiefer, Prince and Chris know the importance of replenishing their bodies with energy and nutrients for a hard day on and off the court. While striking a balance between the physical demands of sports and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a challenge in itself, these champions are equipped with the discipline and values brought by years of training at home.

For years, these MILO champs have looked to their mothers for guidance before taking on the challenges ahead. To prove that the best athletes are not born but raised, Mozzy Ravena, Olive Carlos, and Lianne Tiu share their role in developing their sons’ athletic prowess.

“Whenever people tell us that Kiefer owes his champion genes from us, we get flattered of course. But as much as we could, we try to tell them that more than genes, it’s the champion habits and values we have instilled in him since he was little,” said his mom Mozzy. “The most basic and most important of these champion habits is the discipline of eating a healthy breakfast every morning. It energizes him to start early and accomplish more.” Kiefer has bested athletes from other institutions in the UAAP Junior and College hoop play-offs and has won multiple awards in the MILO sponsored SBP-Passarelle Twin Tournaments. Coaches and fellow athletes admire the 19-year old for his determination to be better in every level of the sport.

Like Kiefer, Prince also starts his day strong. “When he was younger, my husband and I promised ourselves that we would let Prince enjoy his childhood to the fullest. We would let him indulge in whatever activity he wants on the condition that it doesn’t interfere with homework and review. Eventually, Prince’s interest shifted to basketball, so we enrolled him in the MILO sponsored BEST Center Basketball Clinic,” said Prince’s mom Olive. “To give him enough energy to make the most of his day, I’d always serve him a tall glass of MILO with a hearty breakfast set before he takes off for school and training.” The young athlete has displayed his potential at the country’s most prominent annual interschool league for elementary and high school basketball players, the MILO sponsored SBP-Passarelle Twin Tournament, as a key player of De La Salle Zobel’s basketball varsity team. While competing in various leagues, 12-year old Prince also maintains an exemplary performance at school.

Even SEA Games titlist and TV personality Chris Tiu marks every triumph as a result of a well-maintained health improved by a full breakfast and a positive attitude about sports. “Chris has been a MILO drinker since he was seven years old. The summer I enrolled him in the MILO sponsored BEST Center Basketball Clinic, he would always wake up ahead of us because he was excited to train. Through his training with MILO-BEST, he learned how to manage his time and became more responsible in terms of taking care of his body,” says Chris’ Mom Lianne. “He would start the day with a healthy breakfast and a warm mug of MILO. Breakfast and MILO give him the energy he needs to accomplish more throughout the day.”

Starting the day with MILO
According to the Asian Food Information Center (AFIC), eating breakfast is associated with an improvement in both physical and mental performance. Filipinos should understand that taking a full and balanced breakfast before heading to school or to work is essential in replenishing the body and the mind after a long night without food and sustenance. This year, MILO reinforces its commitment to overall health and wellness by launching a new campaign rooted on the benefits of a well-balanced breakfast.

Studies have shown that starting the day with a balanced breakfast has a positive impact on alertness, concentration, and helps establish a positive attitude towards different activities. Breakfast also sustains the body with lasting energy, reduces cholesterol levels, speeds metabolism and reduces the risk of weight gain and obesity.

"Every active youngster should start their day with a hearty breakfast to get energy and nutrients from an overnight fasting. Giving your child a well-balanced breakfast with MILO, which contains a combination of Protomalt and Actigen-E, can help ensure that he has enough energy to perform well throughout the day,” said Janice Yang, MILO Brand Manager, Nestle Philippines. “With the breakfast campaign in motion, we aim to develop the habit of taking breakfast with a mug of MILO among the youth as a means to prepare them physically and mentally for an active day ahead.”

For 49 years, leading chocolate malt beverage brand MILO has championed wellness for every Filipino family and established itself as a trusted partner for holistic development. To reaffirm its commitment to promoting health and fitness, MILO is offering a consumer promotion in line with the breakfast campaign. To give consumers more value for their money and to encourage them to take the path towards wellness, MILO drinkers get 1 canister for free with every purchase of the 1kg MILO Wellness Pack, and 12 sachets of MILO (22g) and 1 sachet for free via the Wellness Bonus Pack.

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About MILO
The MILO brand is the world’s leading chocolate malt beverage that can be prepared with hot or cold milk or water. Given its popularity it is a “must have” product for food service operators particularly in Asia, Africa and Oceania.

MILO also promotes participation in sports through its Summer Sports Clinics, MILO-B.E.S.T. Center Training Program, MILO Marathon, and MILO Little Olympics. The leading beverage brand believes that these contribute to the holistic development of Filipino champions in sports and in life. 2013 marks MILO’s 49th year in the country.

About Nestle Philippines
Nearly a hundred years after it first started operations in the country, Nestle Philippines, Inc. (NPI) today is a robust and stable organization, proud of its role in bringing the best food and beverage throughout the stages of the Filipino consumers’ lives. The Company employs more than 3,200 men and women nationwide, and is now among the country’s Top 10 Corporations.

Driven by its mission to nurture generations of Filipino families, Nestle today produces and markets products under some of the country’s well known brands such as Nescafe, Nido, Milo, Nestea, Maggie, Bear Brand, Nestle and Purina, among others. Its product range has expanded to include coffee, milk, beverages, non-dairy creamer, food, infant nutrition, ice cream and chilled dairy, breakfast cereals, confectionery and pet care.

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