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Get Your Fix for Relentless Craving for an Ultimate Rendezvous at Buddha Bar

I was elated and I couldn't seem to contain it when I knew I would be experiencing a one of a kind 7-star rating bar experience.  What was a trendy go-to place for celebrity with the likes of  Heidi Klum, Sarah Jessica Parker, Lady Gaga, Paris Hilton, and Eva Mendes, opened its doors to everyone who seek an air of mystique while enjoying a daytime interlude or a night-out to the hilt.

Branches are all over the world, specifically in hip places in Paris, Monaco, London, Kiev, Cairo , Dubai, Bayreuth, Washington and Sao Paulo.   Now creating waves in Manila, it starting  to be swooned by not only drinkers but  foodies as well.

Slightly tucked away form the snazzy night-life experience of Makati Avenue, is an all in one utterly world-class, bar-lounge-and-restaurant.  The marketing manager told us that the people behind the conception of Buddha Bar franchise wanted to break the stigma that this place is only for the elite and nightlife people who drown on booze.   

Let me show you how massive the whole area is, you can reserve early and choose the best spot for a dinner date, barkada blow-out, corporate event and just be lazy about and marvel at the French-Asian design, where the old and rustic are infused with a sense of elegant whimsy. and how you can lavish on classic and stylish interior.   Buddha Bar is situated at Picar Place along Kalayaan Road.  It has different areas to have that relaxing privileged moments.

The Three Levels of Enlightenment...or Four...

 On the Lounge.

Upon entering you can right away feel the Zen-like vibe, as if you are led to a luxurious spa.  During the day, subtle sun rays come in and plays with the lighting from the lamps.   At dusk, the light switches dimly making the place even more romantic.   Everything was inspired and was brought in from France, to truly feel that authenticity with the other branches.  The only branch here in the Philippines is a franchise of Filipinos.

If however you feel a bit stuffed up inside and needing some fresh air or to have a smoke you can with some seating outside.

Don't you just love the wooden wall, the long lounge chairs in satin damask upholstery, the vibrant colored throw pillows and the heavy coffee tables, it truly embodies a relaxing and laid-back atmosphere.

With the long bar of course which boasts of a mesclun of different imported and top class liquors.

Can you guess where this stairs leads to?  Will answer that in a few...
On the Second level restaurant

This one however leads the guests to the second floor for a more formal dining setup.

There is a sake and sushi bar.

Ah, how can I get over the differently colored chairs.

Everything you see has Buddha Bars symbol, from the chopsticks to the plate down to every details, even their music is customized where it is contained on different albums, which is also being sold.

For its namesake, a gigantic statue of Buddha is present and is elevated. 

On the Roofdeck/Terrace

If all those have awed you, wait till you go to the building's highest point, the roof deck.   More sofas and cabanas are nicely situated around a large koi pool.   Let me also advice you to use their elevator to get there.

You can either party the night away on this red padded cabanas playing card games or enjoying a barbecue picnic, while being wowed by the cityscape view.  

As you can seein the photo, the waitstaff are dressed in traditional Indian clothes.  Behind them is a bar who gratefully concoct magical and refreshing drinks.

The Basement-Washroom con showroom

A trip to the whole venue is not complete if you haven't gone to their bathrooms.   As you go down the basement, the red walls will just simply captivate you and you might think the basement to be a museum,  well kinda looked like, until...

This is the sign letting clients know that this door opens to the female bathroom.

I have never lost any opportunity to express my 'wows.' 

The tiles are marvelous, as if you were on a Rajah's or Sultan's wash area.   As if the walls have been splattered  with silver pieces.  On the counter are glass basins and ahhh the scent of the room is likened to a spa.  Hmmm...I just wonder can the guests also party here (LOL).

There is more than meets the eyes...

Now, the pièce de résistance!

Drinking, dining, and dancing are at its most scintillating at the Buddha-Bar Manila which makes it, in a manner of speaking, a one-stop hideaway right in the heart of the country’s central business district that is Makati.   If I say that they have lined up an impressive selection of distinguished menu, would you visit them? 

Let me show off just some of their best-sellers and must I say worth giving a shot for. 

What a very delicious work of art, ain't it, The Pink Lady.  It's a breaded shrimp with avocado and cucumber, topped with Surimi mix slathered with Unagi Sauce.

Thai Curry Prawns, are fresh tiger prawns in red Thai curry sauce with coconut and lemon grass.

This plate contains Roasted Bass, marinated in ginger, lemon grass and cumin, drizzled with sweet and tangy tamarind sauce.

 More wonderful packages await beloved guests. Weekend treats dubbed as “Weekends at the Terrace” can be availed for only PhP 1,500 with buffet grilled items, vodka and rum inclusive of Buddha-Bar DJ from 8 PM to 11 PM. On weekday and weekend evenings, on the other hand, “Shisha Nights” can be enjoyed in our al fresco or terrace at PhP 300 NET per flavor with 4 mouthpiece with over 16 flavors to choose from (watermelon, orange, mango, apple, pineapple, lemon with mint, grapes, cola, cocktail, chocolate, grapes with mint, peach, vanilla, bubblegum, melon, mint).

A popular haunt with drinkers and diners alike, it's easy to while away the hours here over cocktails or with a dish from their well-balanced menu.

The thirst quenching Heart of Darkness, has fresh grapes, cinnamon syrup, lemon juice, vodka and port wine all topped with refreshing soda.

Buddha-Bar Manila
Address:  Picar Place Kalayaan Avenue, Makati City, Philiipines.
Contact Numbers:  +632 8566719 or +632 8566859

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