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Find All, Be All at Fisher Mall

Once upon a time, the shopping trip was a true family affair.  The social epicenter of a domestic life.  Saturday morning would have a veritable sense of occasion as parents and children would happily trundle along shiny, expensive-looking tiled floors to pick up their essentials from new department stores, grocer, bookstore and wherever else.
Or maybe we’re looking through severely rose-tinted glass at a time in the past that never really existed.  Was there ever such a Utopian time when shopping was such a friendly, tranquil experience where consumers would take advantage of good old independent, community-minded stores? Probably not.
But surely there were several periods in the ropey depths of history that are preferable to what we have today-  the faceless shopping mall with its glaring lights, uniform shops, high prices, crowds and poor products.  Add to that are the perils you might encounter, specially when you are with your kids without yayas, after horrendous event that happened in big malls.

To be honest, I'm tired of these imposing and monolithic shopping centers.
But guess what, a new mall is soon to arise who aims to re-create our shopping experience.
I think this is the answer to my shopping woes, pure shopping bliss.
Quality, beauty, functionality, and completeness are the words used by the owners of the Mallers Management Corporation to describe its 114k square meter mall development project that will soon rise in Quezon City
Aside from the structural integrity of the building, its aesthetics and support system are all meticulously designed by the renowned Architect Felino Palafox to ensure a pleasurable shopping experience from ground level all the way to the top floor.

Fisher Mall is a family-owned establishment which was named to reflect the family's well established  roots and heredity in the fishing industry.   Operated by Mallers Management Corporation headed by three hunk of a brothers, with their President, Robert Raymond Del Rosario, Paul Del Rosario, as the Vice-Chairman of Mallers Investment Inc., and Obby Del Rosario, President of Fisherfoods Corporation who will also manage the Fisher Supermarket.   Fashion will be meticulously handled by their step-mom, Moleen Perez Del Rosario, President of Clothers Asia and chaired by the father, Roberto Nepumoceno Del Rosario.
This is Fisher Mall, a five-storey shopping destination in Quezon City that is on a league of its own. Far from the usual retail establishments, Fisher Mall takes inspiration from some of the world’s most beautiful malls and brings them together for Filipinos to enjoy.

Set to open in the last Quarter of 2013, Fisher Mall is bound to be the most lifestyle and    fashion-oriented mall in the country.

“We are investing heavily in Filipino fashion. Fisher Mall will be a venue for fashionistas—of all shapes and sizes—to mingle. There will be a fashion ramp where runway shows will be held on a regular basis,” said Moleen Del Rosario, President of  Clothers Asia.

The Filipinos’ love for malls has given birth to some of the world’s best and biggest ones. Gone are the days when malls are synonymous to box-type establishments that tend to lack personality, charm, and warmth. Today, people look for a different kind of experience when they go to malls—and different, only in a good way, is what they’re going to get with Fisher Mall.

At a time when Filipinos are becoming more experimental and trendy when it comes to showing their personalities through fashion, style-conscious people will have a field day once the mall opens as brands from the UK, Australia, US, Korea, and Europe—many of which will be exclusive to Fisher Mall—are expected to open.

“While fashionistas will find a new home in Fisher Mall, the place definitely caters to everyone’s needs and wants,” said Moleen

Envisioned as an interactive place, Fisher Mall defies anything normal about a typical mall. With features such as augmented reality and a high-tech mobile app, it’s going to be a place that surprises people at every turn.

Fisher Mall was incarnated to pay homage to the Del Rosario’s forefathers who started the successful fishing business based in Malabon.
“Fishing has always been our family’s main business so moving into retail is a journey that is both fascinating and mysterious to us all. Each member of the family is overseeing a division to make sure we don’t miss out on anything,” said Ray.

It is this expertise in fishing that would allow Fisher Mall’s supermarket to offer the freshest fish in town—straight from the port. In as fast as 20 minutes, they can have newly caught fish in their supermarket each and every single day. You just can’t get any fresher than that.

“The fish will be the highlight of the supermarket. I promise you will be able to taste the difference when you buy direct from source,” said Obby,  President of the Fisherfoods Corporation.

The commitment for only the best is a reflection of the family’s attitude toward business.

Located along Quezon Avenue corner Roosevelt (what was once the Pantranco terminal), the area is virtually safe from flooding. As for the building’s construction, everything is some 20% over what is required—from thicker glass, to more solid pillars - all for the customer’s safety and convenience.

The mall has close to 1,000 parking slots. The complex also seeks to minimize its carbon footprints  to maintain a greener environment for future generations.

Obby said: “Our family is in the business of giving people what they want. We’ve continued this business philosophy in Fisher Mall. We will live up to our slogan “Find all. Be all.”

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  1. Oh well, that's new! Fishing industry mavens taking over a mall? Something we all can look forward to...


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