Sunday, June 10, 2012

What Night Market is All About!

Venice Piazza at McKinley Hill Fort Bonifacio brought forward a European-inspired marketplace right at the center of the metro.  During their opening, last May, I was able to savor the flavors of Spain. Italy, and the Mediterranean in a vast gathering of sellers of premium wine, cheese, imported beer, deli meat, and organic produce.  The Venetian Night Market at Venice Piazza inspired every foodie and gastronome at heart to revel in this extra-ordinary shopping and dining experience.

At the event, we watched our food being prepared on the spot.  We also got expert advices on the perfect wine pairing or imported beer combination that could be best taken on the same event.  A dinner turned into an experience by taking our cue from wine pairing color chart prepared with the help from Wine Depot to choose the best wine for your dish.  You can pick a spot to sit-down and enjoy your meal while basking in a European inspired ambience that will take you to the streets of Barcelona or Venice.
Sumptuous gourmet choices
Mark your calendar on July 20 to 22 to get a fill of different grill and rotisserie meat preparations from The Cheese Steak Shop, Happy Maria, Greeks Shawarma and Reyes Barbecue, or enjoy choice steak cuts from Carlo's Kitchen.  Authentic Italian fare from Cucina Rusticana, Focaccia Restuarant and  Sauceria Restuarant are also a part of main highlights of the Venetian Night Market. Favorite staples from Venice Piazza restuarants such as Old Vine, Empire Deli and Ramen Bar are available as well. 
Pair up your meal with a glass of premium wine from Wine Depot, or go robust with a bottle or two of imported beer from Booze On Line. For a more traditional, but similarly enjoyable meal, healthy fruit juices from The Juice Bar and milk tea from Tea Farm are available. If you're up to more cosmopolitan vibe, then bottled cocktail drinks from Botella will suit your style.
Cap your meal with satisfying serving of cake or gelato and head home with a basketful of other good finds to continue your Venetian food journey at home.

The Venetian Night Market will be housed in a new fully air-conditioned tent in the middle of Venice Piazza at McKinley Hill. It will be open once a month which started last  May 25 to 25 and June 1 to 2.  They will open the area again on July 20 to 22 from 8:00PM to 2:00AM to bring you that true European marketplace experience.

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