Monday, June 4, 2012

GLEE's Naya Rivera Now Endorses Proactiv®

Pimples, acnes, vicious cheer-leaders, peer-anxiety, all spells high-school life.  Even Naya Rivera, the new spokesperson of  Proactiv®  would attest to that.   Yes, according to one of the celebrities of GLEE, she had numerous skin problems when she was in high-school and Proactiv® was the one who helped her knocked down her acne problems.   You not may like her character in GLEE, where she played one of the Cheerios Cheer-leading squad as Santana Lopez, who have been wreaking havoc with girl's boyfriends and friendship, and have been known to be a high-school terror for teachers and students.  
But if you follow every season of GLEE, you will know that under the mean, headstrong, competitive personality is an intelligent, a kind of friend who will fight for you and accept you as who you are, and will win the battle not for the glory but for the values she learns along the battle of the GLEE club.   Not only is she sexy, she sings pretty well like the others in the show, she dance amazingly good, and has that lovely face (and gorgeous pouted-lips) to send men following after her.
Now she returned  to using Proactiv® as part of her daily face-cleansing regimen.  With all the singing, nasty dancing routines and hours spent rehearsing and taping for shows, skin-break including acnes and blemishes  outs would always follow after.   Now she boasts off a healthy and glowing skin, always ready for the cameras.  Here is the commercial made Naya Rivera's campaign for Proactiv®

 “I am excited to be a part of a show that encourages teens and young adults to embrace their differences and be proud of who they are as an individual, which is exactly why I am honored to represent Proactiv®. Working with Proactiv® will allow me to take that self confidence message a step further by helping individuals tackle their acne and literally put their best face forward.” – Naya

 Do you wonder how Proactiv® worked with celebrities' skins and how we all can benefit having a skin like Naya's?  Proactiv® Soultions is a Combination Therapy acne management system. Being the leader in pioneering a 3-step acne management system,  which is by far the safest and most effective in treating acnes.    The three-step regimen has potent ingredient to take out acne.  First, the oil-free Renewing Cleanser, with smooth tiny beads that exfoliates dead skin cells and impurities.  Next, the Revitalizing toner, an alcohol-free base that unclogs pores.  Lastly, an application of oil-free  skin-clearing Repair Lotion to lighten blemishes and prevent new ones.

Make sure you buy your  Proactiv® Solution in this outlets only.

        All SM Department Stores and Watsons Stores nationwide
        Online Shopping Cart:
        Door to Door delivery Hotlines (729-2222, 1-800-8-729-8888, 1-800-10-889-4444, 0917-801-8888),
        Proactiv Mall kiosks:
                    i.         Glorietta, Ground Floor

                    ii.         Trinoma, 2nd Floor

                    iii.          Robinsons Galleria, 3rd Floor

                    iv.         Marquee Mall, Ground Floor 

Be warned of buying fake  products and imitations of Proactiv®.  Apparently, there have been reports about the said matter.   Kindly check this link out for more info.


  1. Sweet. Hope Naya could also go here in the Phils. Hehe!

  2. She would be a perfect model for beauty products.

  3. I keep thanking God for good genes. It's such a good thing that ProActive's made for those with acne problems. It's a bit expensive but maybe, it's worth every cent.


  4. I haven't tried proactiv as I haven't had any skin problem but I've heard a lot of positive reviews about it.

  5. I always see ads for ProActiv on TV and have always wondered how good the product was. The ads seem very convincing!

    Thanks for sharing!

    ~ Jupiter Jim

  6. p.s. Where did you get that great quote at the top of your site? I love it!

  7. I love her so much... Santa Lopez of glee... Hot and sexy kasi niya kasi. There's a lot of Hollywood stars who promote pro active na.

  8. I love Naya! My sister and I both have a girl crush on her. :)

  9. i love naya especially on glee. i might try proactive soon sincr my skin's breakin out lately.

  10. I really want to try this. Have seen the ads but hesitating because I don't know if it will work on my skin type.

  11. Nice! So many kiosks right now which means it's easier to buy Proactive!

  12. I love Naya, soo fierce and beautiful!

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