Saturday, October 15, 2011

An Organic Late Lunch

 A lovely plate of Zesty Tinapa Pesto Farfalle and Pennette Rigate.   Richly adorned with fillets of grilled Bangus (left-over from last night's dinner), sundried tomatoes and alfalfa sprouts both from Healthy Village.
You might be wondering where I ordered the dish,  but it's not from any kitschy restaurant, and sure I was at Mercato Centrale this morning but I did not buy the pasta dish there.   I however bought some of the ingredients there to make this dish.   And it's "as easy as a pie" to do.
So at Mercato we were, my daughter and I, to deliver some of our pastries for a friend's slot.   More and more unusual but interesting food-finds pops anew every time I go there.   What I was also looking forward to was checking out the newly-opened Organic and All-natural Producers' Market.

Yes, my secret now revealed.   Celebrations by Sharon has partnered with Bravo and had come up with kitchen selections that are superb and unquestionably irresistible.   We know Bravo carries delectable pasta sauces, dips and salad dressing.   One of the product I love is their Italian Pesto sauce, now they have pumped up the jar and added Tinapa in it, putting a Pinoy twist to the Italian-famed pasta sauce.   Also, Bistro Better now supports Fruit Garden Jams.
Served also as an opportunity for me to engage into promoting my baking skills commercially.  Here are my humble cupcakes (in Moist Choocolate with butter frosting and Banana Walnut drizzled with dark chocolate)  and chocolate confections.   So if anyone would want to question my cooking or baking, go to Mercato and check out this cakes at Bistro Better's table and judge for yourself.
Above are just some of the products on the organic market, which OPTA organized with Mercato.  I still have to update this post though and give you bits and pieces of the organic produce and what-nots.
Till next weekend organic marketing, for now let me relish  my late-lunch organic pasta plate, which I hastily cooked after coming from the sunny and traffic streets of Manila.
Time for fun-time Friday with Food Trip Friday!


  1. Waahhh!!! I wanna go back to Mercato Centrale! The only time I was there, there weren't much choices, so I wasn't able to fully enjoy the experience. I want to go back and take pictures of all the food!

    Sharon, as in Sharon Cuneta? Wow, that's nice!

    Hopping from Food Trip Friday.

  2. looks so good! I wanna rush to mercato tuloy.

  3. Oh! I've seen several Sharon Cuneta products at the groceries, are these available also on the groceries?


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