Saturday, October 15, 2011

Chihuahua Grill and Margarita Bar

I'm in the groove for some ...

What can make you move...
Can you feel the groove...
What can make you dance...
What can make you shout...
What it's all about...
What can make you love...
Ohhhh! Chihuahua!
Have you heard about the last song syndrome or LSS?   About two nights ago, Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 was on Disney Channel, well of course the movie ended with the credits and duh the song being played till it ended was  Chihuahua, and my kids won't stop singing it till they dropped.   Would you believe that till morning the song was still on my head.    When you ended up singing songs, randomly or not,  which would be the last song you heard, usually accompanied by subconscious humming, that is LSS.   Some may attest that this syndrome may be dangerous when the song happens to be the most pathetic, crappy, albeit catchy song ever.
But you know what, I kind off had fun with the song.   It's a good song to babble whenever you're happy or steamy.   My kids and I don't really mind having that song in our minds.   But I think their getting way off.   Since they saw that movie even with the first movie, they've wanted to have Chihuahuas, the dogs.   But I still have mom-reasons why they can't have pets yet.
    Enough with the the term Chihuahua, or not!  Do you know that it is a state in Mexico, and for those who don't know, it is pronounced as "tsi-wa-wa."
According to Elian Habayeb, General Manager of Chihuahua Mexican Grill and Margarita Bar, it also came from a Mexican expression " Ay Chihuahua!" The euphemism may mean many things, like if a heavy object blow unto a thumbnail, a "wow" exclamation, or "this chili pepper is really spicy."  For its namesake they also have the restaurant mascot, named "Chuy" (pronounced as "Choo-ee"), a Chihuahua with a sombrero and a long Mexican moustache, so cute.
And how's that,  now there's a Tex-Mex joint named after my kids favorite breed of dogs.   The modern and inviting look of the restaurant makes you feel at home and I bet on a dollar, the pictures taped on the walls will keep you entertained.   Before I give you more details let me give of  an alert.
Warning!   This post is HOT!
 Aside from the steamy promos and hullabaloos at Chihuahua, the couple  Elian Habayeb and Ines Cabarrus, are hot in their own rights.   Being the owners and authors of the best-selling coffee-table book Manila's Best Kept Restaurant  Secrets (where MBKRS Awards are drafted, which they themselves organize every year) while  writing the weekly lifestyle column Music and Wine for the Manila Standard Today and hosts to the show MUSIC AND WINE  on 106.7 Dream FM, whew! 
 Also not forgetting the now becoming famous "The Sauce Library,"  an impressive collection of rare hot sauces gathered from all over the world given by friends.    But they have more to boast about than sauces left by friends, they've concocted their own sauces.    Three of them are now being used and according to Elian they'll be adding other spicy sauces.    Sampled here are Dr, Evil's  Global Warming Garlic Sauce,  Charlie Sheen's Krazy Sauce and  sorry but I kinda forgot the other one, but you see, how fun can that be.
And then the more hot stuff which are highlighted on the menu.
We started off with the Nacho Grande.   A bowl of crunchy tortilla chips, queso,  topped with their house special Chili,  guacamole, pico de gallo, salsa, cheddar cheese, sour cream and jalapenos.  Now if you think that's hot enough wait till I  give you more.
 The Steak Salad, however gives you a light and refreshing sway from the harsh (for me) spice that I've encountered from trying out some of the sauces.   Okay here's the thing, I'm not into spicy foods, but the explorer in me give me the brevity to try what's offered to me as long as it is not toxic.   According to Ines, the food they have, starts basically with natural-tasting ingredients and no-chili peppers.   The customers build up on the hotness of their own food by requesting for salsa or sauce.   They actually have a salsa bar which I found pretty amazing with an assortment. of toppings, sauces, salsa, etc.
Three varieties of Tacos, chicken, steaks and pork carnitas.
 Mexican  Rice is something nice for those who wants it heavy but savory, works fancy well with the main dishes.
 And the, ahhh, my favorite from them, the Burrito bowl.   With a touch of sweetness form the pork carnitas.   A magnificently seasoned rice hides under the hand-full serving of meats.
 Now here's the pro.   The Chili,  also known as Chili Con Carne,  designated as the official state dish of Texas on 1977.   If someone says Tex-Mex cuisine, then there should be Chili on the menu.  Tex-Mex, basically originated  from the American Southwest, which is a fusion of American-Indian and Spanish cuisines.
Let me tell you, this is where the comfort is,  gosh, when I was eating this together with the chips and rice, I felt like going home,  and dreamed of having a bowl of it with my favorite chips while watching Nacho Libre or Zorro...hmmm.
Then there's the Buritto.   A total meal wrapped in foil.  An order of this is really too much for a well-fitting eater like me, so this can be equally shared with someone special or just someone.    A familiar hand-held take-out food category, more classy and flavorful than any Shawarma.   As you can see it has the rice, the greens form the lettuce, the red from the beans, the yellow from the quezo and of course the meat and  the salsa.
And lastly, to wash off all those degustation of hot elements, is a selection of imported and local canned soft-drinks and beers.   Chihuahua is also famous for their  Chihuarita, frozen Margarita in layman's term.   I'm not really a drinker so, I couldn't tell whether which is the best, however, with the stars on their shoulders and the many that claim theirs is the best, I 've only one option, to believe.
There are a lot of things going on at the place, during Mondays they have Margarita Mondays, Chip and Dale Tuesdays, also Chili Throw downs, The Salsa Project on Saturdays, Board Games and fun times at Hangover Sundays and more.   For more inquiries on this please add their Fan page up at
So let's feel the groove and head to the new, but the best Tex-Mex in town,  Chihuahua Mexican Grill and Margarita Bar.


7838 Makati Ave across A-Venue (in Makati's Nightlife District), 1209 Makati, Philippines

Contact Information: 
0916-3737-308, 890-3192



  1. I love that song, and this restaurant is too cool not to be listed on my next restaurant stop! Or is it too hot! LOL!

  2. OOhh! Chihuarita! Ay caramba! That looks so tempting. So it's at A-Venue?

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