Tuesday, November 23, 2010

At Paris Delice: Enjoying the Night Before my Hubby's Birthday

     November 21, 2010, a few hours before my husband, Bhogs turns 39.
    At the wee hour of that day, I have been still thinking what to give Bhogs for his birthday, we would usually stay late till midnight to await the turning of each day for that special day and greet the celebrant a smoochy  Happy Birthday, so it was part of the plan to bring him to a coffee shop and get us cups of coffee for that caffeine effect.
   And what a perfect idea to bring him or have him bring me to a bazaar  (ahahah).   Good enough my best friend Tricia invited me to visit her booth at Esprit de Noel, at A-Venue Events Hall in Makati Ave.
  Part of my life's joy is going to bazaars and "tiangge," and of course trying out foodie concoctions from exhibitors.    Due to our very unorganized life, we went there at about 8 in the evening and these are just about the attractions we found....

     The event is coming to an end and I still haven't found anything of his interest, an idea is to go a restaurant, or better yet go back to the first one, coffee shop... and more chit-chat...till caffeine kicks in.
    We left the vehicle parked there and strolled along Makati Avenue, seeing the Aberdeen court brought up a lot of topics for our reminisence.  Honestly, I was looking for Starbucks or Gloria Jeans, but we didn't find any so we reached Neptune St.  There was an intriguing Indian or Arabic cuisine at the second floor of a certain buliding that we were debating if we'd try it or not.
   No, we want coffee!            We are really coffee-holics!
Fascinatingly, there was a dandyish coffee bar tucked in at the corner of Juno St. and Makati Ave.
     It is a fast food retaurant alright but in a modern French touch.   So we got coffee, cappuccino for two, and had a hard time picking a sandwich.   I was gonna have Napolean, dying to taste Rosette de Lyon, though I am not sure if it's salami or sausage.  Also, they have French Pastries, which I missed from Le Couer de France, I will definitely try next time.      They recommended Hot Crousti.   Sounds new to us, so we got one and shared it.

                                Hot Crousti, sausage on French Baguette topped with Emmental Cheese

     According to Mr. Carlos Barrica, they've just opened early November.   The chef is not at all French, but a Filipino who have stayed some time in France, I guess for immersion into French recipes and dining customs of that sort.   As pastry and dessert maker myself and a coffee lover, I'd give a very good first impression! As they say, "first impressions last." Need to mention, the people behind the business are very welcoming and gracious, I'd say the budding business will go a long, long way and cupful of coffees served!  Sante'!
    To sum up, the experience was well, worth it, we did buy something for our kids, but none for the celebrant.   We had our coffee and a bit of French indulgence but the night didn't end there...now looking forward to a day of fun and excitement at Star City!

Paris Délice
1 Juno Street, corner Makati Avenue
1209 Makati City - Metro Manila

Phone  +(632) 798 0740
Fax  +(632) 421 0162
website:   http://www.parisdelice.com.ph/

Esprit de Noel
presented by  TRES B-ZAARISTAS


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