Sunday, November 21, 2010

Wanting Takoyaki

To tell you the truth i'm not a Japanese food lover, not till my husband and I tried eating sashimi at home.
This was how we prepared our home-made sashimi:
1.  We bought frozen pink salmon cutlet or yellow fin tuna at the supermarket, we did have in our spice rack Kikkoman, sushi and sashimi soy sauce and of course, wasabi.
2.  After defrosting the fish, we cleaned it, removed the skin and we had it sliced thinly.
3.  Then the sauce, we just had the soy sauce, calamansi juice and wasabi mixed in a bowl.

Well, the blog is not about preparing Japanese dishes, I just hope it would be a good resource for those who'd want to start eating raw...hehehe.   I want to write something about Takoyaki and my dining experiences with it.  With these I might stumble upon where I could try the best Takoyaki in town,  if not in Japan.
My first try with that invitingly smelly ball was when i was in college.   I was so naive then when it comes to eating Japanese.  I remembered in La Salle, in the College Canteen, there was this odd stall at one of the canteen's side, where a Japanese costumed lady was cooking these Takoyaki, can't remember the name of the booth though.   Didn't try until a friend bought me a few, of course I couldn't say no, well since I'm an adventurous one why not try it.   And what do you know, it taste good, had to say "Oishi" ( delicious in Japanese).
"Takoyaki," literally means octopus ball, a popular street food in Japan, is made of batter with baby octopus  scraps.
I had only tried a few different variations of it from different stalls, one is Samurai foods, another is from the eatery outside Market Market's Grocery Store.  But the one that really suits my buds was at Karate Kid.

Now I'm on a hunt for the best one , if there is something better than Karate Kid's Restaurant!

I also included pictures of my somewhat dining adventure with Japanese Restos.

Enjoying Eat-all-you-can for P800

At Sushi King, Market Market


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  2. Even I was not a Japanese food lover until I tried Ramen. This was suggested by my friend from Japan when we were at
    University of Massachusetts. For now I'll try this sashimi dish. Thanks for the recipe.


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