Thursday, July 16, 2020

Sau Tao Noodles and Sauces Now in Shopee

Sau Tao Non-Fried Instant Bowl Noodle with XO Sauce 100g

Don't you just find it so convenient to shop online?  With just a click of a button from Shopee.Ph, your cravings are satisfied and in a few days it will arrive in your doorstep without having to worry about roadblocks, traffic and not even the dreaded viruses.

While scrolling through Shopee, I found an interestingly new brand of noodles and sauces.  If you knew me, and have been around quite lately here in my blog, you can tell that I love cooking Italian dishes, but there are times that I want to delve right into Chinese cuisine and for a fact, the Chinese makes sure that their noodles are as good as the European counterpart and above all the sauces.  I guess, it's not anymore a question where soy sauce originated from, right?  So it's just right to point out that great tasting dishes full of umami came from the Chinese people, and Sua Tao does fall on that category.

Sau Tao is quite a well-known brand in Hong Kong. Sau Tao’s founder Mr. Cheng Yiu Pang first started a noodle factory on the island of Cheung Chau in 1960 and started selling noodles under the Sau Tao brand name. Over the years, the company has expanded its offerings and today produces a variety of food products ranging from noodles to sauces.

Sau Tao XO sauce 

If you have been to HongKong or China, you might have had this, or you already knew about this and have been craving for this, you can now once again enjoy its goodness.

Below are the noodles available in Shopee.

Sau Tao Non-Fried Instant Bowl Noodle with XO Tantan Soup 100g
Click here to order this product
Sau Tao Non-Fried Instant Bowl Noodle with XO Shallot Sauce 100g
Click here to order
Sau Tao Non-Fried Instant Bowl Noodle with XO Black Pepper Sauce 100g
Click here to order

The noodles are priced for P 107 only for 100 g while the sauce I think is on 50% sale! 

Enjoy shopping!


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