Saturday, November 16, 2019

Monga, Taiwan's Famous Fried Chicken and Milk Tea is Now in SM MegaMall

When my husband and I finally decided to enlarge our foodie territory, we had Taiwan already in mind and the next thing we knew is flying our tastebuds off to the land of snacks.  However, what was so funny was that we were unable to have milk teas and chicken.  But we opted not to sigh about it as we tasted the very best oolong teas and tons of famous food in the country, we visited three night markets and scoured the alleys of Jiufen.

Hence, we get pleased as punch when we hear about Taiwan's crowd-pleasers come to serve us with their tasty offerings.

The Vikings Group brought the acclaimed restaurant chain to the Philippines with hopes of expanding their business venture and made Monga one of their top choice.  Monga is known as Taiwan's most preferred fried chicken cutlet chain and it's paired with their equally delish milk tea concoctions.

You can find its first branch at SM Megamall's long strip of stores outside Food Hall at the Lower Ground.  The store is easily recognizable with its unique interior patterned after Taiwan's night markets.  What's so striking is that it is founded and owned by a renowned Taiwanese celebrity - Nono.


Taiwanese are all about inventing and perfecting the ultimate food and their fried chicken variations are just among Monga's bragging rights.  Monga's signature 2-inch chicken thick fried chicken fillets are marinated with honey, dipped in the batter instead of dry flour and fried to perfection.  Which then creates a thick yet tender and juicy piece of chicken in every bite. What's even genius is a generous three varieties - The King, Hot Chick, Talker, and Chee-z.  I had the taste of Talker (kinda looks healthy as it is doused with green powder) and I was amazed by it!  It's totally yum and I can't wait to try the others.  My daughter who attended the formal launch had the

Of course, the versatile chicken is best enjoyed with their milk teas -  Black Dragon Oolong latte and Green Dragon Matcha Latte plus a lot more refreshing tea concoctions to boot.  I was surprised by the Green Dragon, as it has the mild matcha flavor and not too sweet and milky.

Green Dragon Tea Latte

Enjoy Monga's Fried Chicken and tea lattes with other yummy side dishes.

I love their Fried King Oyster mushroom, broccoli, and the fries.


Address: Lower Ground, SM MegaMall A
Mandaluyong, Manila

Monga Fried Chicken Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

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