Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Envisioned Kitchen Experiences with Tough Mama Appliances

In our time when you're building your home, you start with kitchen appliances, or maybe with a comfortable sofa and TV.  But however you choose it, Filipinos can't deny the fact that we love eating and therefore cooking is a next to living.  But choosing an easy cooking lifestyle can pose a challenge especially if you're confined on a budget and you don't have any idea which to prioritize to buy.

It was befitting to share you some common kitchen knowledge as I used to have that same dilemma, even though I have been cooking for half of my life I still have a lot to learn, especially in the "being practical" department.  What was really befitting is being able to discover Tough Mama kitchen appliances after attending an exclusive mommy influencers event at Flossom Ktichen last February 19.

The company was born under the inspiration of the President of Cherenz Global Manufacturing Inc. own grandmother.  According to Ms. Carol Yao, her grandma was a tough yet loving woman. She was also a fantastic cook who lived well into her late 80’s.

"As a young girl, she taught me the basics of how to clean, iron, choose ingredients, and prepare meals from scratch. She often just used the most basic appliances. Learned that the secret to cooking good food lies only in fresh ingredients and no over seasoning.”

"Most of all, she taught me that one doesn’t need the most complex equipment in order to produce good food or to run a household. It is this philosophy of my grandma which inspired me to create my brand TOUGH MAMA."

CHERENZGLOBAL MANUFACTURING, INC.the maker of Tough Mama was created out of an unserved market demand. With twenty years of first-hand knowledge in the manufacturing and marketing of the family Nikon Home Appliances, the people behind Cherenz Global Manufacturing, Inc. have accumulated enough experience to merit a thorough understanding of the Philippines small appliance industry, consumer habit and preferences.

The company aims to continue the goodwill of the Nikon HomeAppliances and place their own creative mark on quality products through the TOUGH MAMA brand for women’s and kitchen appliances (electric fans, rice cookers, hair tools) and through modern flip calendar clocks by international brandsTWEMCO and ICON.

I like how they put their tagline - Tough Mama are not only made simple but provide the best value for your hard earned money, but allows you to have more time with your family.  It is really made for modern moms like me.

Modern Moms are tough yet loving, independent,  wise and practical, trendsetter and innovative,
easy to get along with and flexible, hardworking and practical in spending, work-centric but allow quality me-time during day offs.

These qualities make Tough Mama a perfect match as it is easy, user friendly and versatile, affordable yet good quality, innovative, pride themselves with good customer service and has provisions for after sales marketing strategic plans.

On the event, Chef Jam Melchor demo-ed how to cook certain dishes using Tough Mama, kitchen appliances.

It was attended by fellow mom-bloggers and V-loggers and celebrities, Melissa Ricks and Say Alonzo.

Photo credit from Tough Mama Facebook

Bento Mamas were also there to show us how to make cute and yummy ideas for our kids.

Me and my im-bento!
I can't wait to forge a tough cooking relationship with Tough Mama in my very own kitchen.

Thanks Tough Mama for having me at the event.


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  2. Ok din naman ang Tough Mama appliances, so far satisfied naman kami sa rice cooker namin, I want to try that Multi cooker.

  3. The event looks fun! Hope you can share the recipes of the dishes you photographed. I'm Adeline Felmora btw, just browsing about.

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