Saturday, February 9, 2019

Duty Free Philippines Welcomes the Year of the Pig

Are you curious for what's in store for the Year 2019?

As the Chinese New Year ushered in last February 5, I was one of the lucky media personnel who witnessed the Chinese New Year celebration with a blessing at Duty Free Luxe.

The spring celebration culminated the night before and will be running for 15 days, so the Fest will be until Feb. 19..  According to Feng Shui expert Princess Lim Fernandez, the best way to celebrate this is in the company of family, friends, valued colleagues, clients and generally happy, positive people.  Fernandez is the owner of Yin & Yang Shop of Harmony, she guided the guests to Chinese traditions and best practices to achieve happiness and prosperity.

But what exactly is the earth pig, as for those like me who isn't Chinese by nature or someone who is educated in the Chinese traditional ways, this was the perfect means for me to learn a little about what ever fortune or misfortune is along my way.

This year is actually the year of the Yin Earth Pig, a particular smaller garden pig, Some of the characteristics of the Yin earth, as what I have learned in the event are Mother  Nature, very nurturing, polite, gentle, charming, very graceful and charitable, This mean that a lot of emphasis this year will be put at environment and the social issues around it, culture and humanities

So for those people who are connected to the listed above will do quiet well such as artists, scientists, humanitarians, and those that has something to do with environment and humanitarian issues.

We all know that a pig has a bad reputation, but actually most of the Chinese people would love to have it as a sign, much like the dragon.  Moreover, this year, we'll see a lot of mothers giving birth and the nurseries will be filled. Being the 12th Zodiac animal, it doesn't mean that it doesn't get the job done, it somehow got there even though it was last.

As compared last year, which was Yang, means mountain, this year is Yin, garden, With mountain you have a good view as with garden you only have a limited view, The challenge there is to try to have a foresight, to be careful not to decide right away, and we need to be forward-thinkers, we need to look into long-term investments,

The pig is all about nesting, and valuing the home, the best time to refurbish your home.  So anyone who's career is focused on building homes in general should do quite well.  Take into consideration again that the star of the year are those born under the year of the pigs.  The years of the Pig include 1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019.

Meanwhile, brighter prospects are seen for the DFPC this year, with the opening of its provincial stores, renovation of the Fiestamall, new product leads, and other plans and programs that are yet to be announced.

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