Friday, December 14, 2018

Rémy Martin’s Florian Heriard Dubreuil Heralded the Opulence in Liquid Form

The scent of provence, elegance and eaux de vie from one of the most aromatic grape variety- Ugni Blanc, at Flame Restaurant of Discovery Primea.

It was such a rare opportunity to be in an exclusive tasting experience, where Rémy Martin cognac would be paired with a range of flavors.

This to date was my first taste of cognac.  Can you guess if I liked it?

The event entitled Opulence Revealed is an innovative, multi-sensory, and interactive tasting experience of the award-winning cognac with House of Remy Martin International Ambassador Florian Heriard Dubreuil.

Here is a quick story, in 1981, legendary Cellar Master André Giraud created Rémy Martin XO, a tribute to almost three centuries’ worth of heritage carried by the House of Rémy Martin. Made from grapes grown in the most sought-after vineyards of Grand and Petite Champagne in France—a region collectively referred to as Fine Champagne—XO is blended from around 400 eaux de vie and aged up to 37 years. 

Eaux de vie is the plural form of eau de vie, French for spirits, also meant "water of life." It is a clear, colorless fruit brandy that is produced by means of fermentation and double distillation with a fruity flavor  that is typically very light.  But Remy Martin's is complex, but not difficult to appreciate, more than anything, it was opulence in liquid form.

To recognize the XO in its full glory, Rémy Martin presented Florian Heriard Dubreuil, as he directed guests in savoring the goodness of the golden spirit alongside fragrant fruits such as grape and pear, iris and jasmine flowers, walnuts and hazelnuts, dried apricots and figs, and spices like cinnamon, chocolates, cheeses, dried saffron, and stem ginger—highlighting the exquisite and sophisticated flavors of the XO.

The Opulence Revealed experience allowed guests including me to discover a deeper understanding and appreciation of the finer points of Rémy Martin XO cognac through an exploration of textures, flavors and aromas. Once savored, one glass is never enough.

I never knew that the strong and rich flavor of Remy Martin can be perfectly paired with a cornucopia spread of fruits (fresh and dried), nuts, chocolates and other ingredients that exhibit the many layers found in Cognac.  I'm quite pragmatic when it comes to wines, cheeses and dried fruits.  But I was impressed to experience the magic of candied ginger with cognac on the rocks.  

If you haven't known, you can actually enjoy Remy Martin in it's pureness, in room temp, run down or with fresh ice cubes.  But you will appreciate it more when paired with sweets, bittersweets, fruity, nutty and even salty cheese flavors.

More than just revealing flavors and aromas, “Opulence Revealed” also unravels the brand’s guiding principles and why Rémy Martin is simply a cut above the rest among other cognac houses. Through education, engagement, and personal discovery, the esteemed house of Rémy Martin seeks to inspire a new generation of refined cognac enthusiasts.

After the initial taste tests, we were then treated to a sumptuous lunch at Flame Restaurant. 

For a smoother, full-bodied and long-lasting taste, enjoy Rémy Martin XO in the way its creator André Giraud intended—neat, no mixer, no ice. For updates on Rémy Martin, visit or follow @RemyMartin on Facebook and Instagram.


  1. I guess you liked it so much ;)

  2. Definitely yes, you really liked it.

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