Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Garv's Boutique Hotel

A new boutique hotel in Mandaluyong just opened for those in need of an affordable accommodation whenever in that area of Manila.

If you are looking for a clean hotel with modern touches, Garv's Boutique Hotel is the best next thing. They officially opened their doors last February of this year and you can easily book a room at Booking .com, Airbnb.com.

The Lobby...

The Rooms...

No storage, making the rooms wide and spacious.

Bathrooms inside the rooms...

The beds look really comfy and clean.

They have chosen the minimalist approach to be their architectural principle, business-wise, it's less maintenance, it gives the idea of simplicity tying along with the urban jungle as what Manila is. I like the white walls vying  for zen or minimalist-look, but somehow, I find a concrete wall finish too drab. Wish they could put a quote or a simple wall art on it.  

Another thing they missed is a working table and chair for those who might want to eat inside the room or to work a little.

All in all, I find the place not bad at all and I would recommend it if you're in the area, after all, it's the only hotel in the vicinity, unless you want to spend a fortune at Shangri Hotel or Richmonde.

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