Friday, July 14, 2017

Mati's Meat and Bread

When we think of family, there's that term that stands synonymous to it - home.

Conveying the theme of family and home is what Mati's Meat and Bread strives for.  Getting inspirations from their own family celebrations plus the foundation which Melo's Steakhouse have banked on for years, the heirs of the aforementioned establishment invite everyone o visit Mati's at Festival Mall's River Park.

In all honesty, the foodie strip/park by the river is a first for me, so does Mati's but I didn't hesitate going there to try some of their offerings.  Having read from other blogs about how well they fared, I didn't mind braving the traffic to go there all the way from Pasay.

With "quality at an affordable price" philosophy as upholded by both Melo's and Mati's, wouldn't you be tempted to try them out.  After all, isn't Melo's Steakhouse still hailed as the top place for quality steaks and meat dishes?

But Mati's is more downright casual serving dishes well-loved as comfort food cooked for the household.  However, this does not mean they have to scrimp on ingredients or lower the quality of service Melo's have been known for.

To begin with, maybe you would want to try their pizzas (more like flatbreads).  Tali's Gamberetti.

Another unique choice is the Jalapestroni Pizza, a portmanteau of jalapeno, pesto and pepperoni, from the ingredients that complete the pizza.

My favorite, Bia's Four Cheese, has blue cheese, Quickmelt, mozzarella and gruyere.

 The pizza which would carry Melo's antics would be that of Tenderloin Wagyu, which is also a new addition to their menu.

Choices are aplenty  from pizzas to dishes that whet one's appetite such as a plate of Oyster Rockefeller.

Or Salpicao...

If you're on a look out for something out of the ordinary but a total Filipino comfort food, then you're in for a treat with Balut Aligue.  Sinful as it is, shelled, and chicken embryo removed, the balut part which everyone looks forward to having is drowned in a good serving of aligue sauce that's also really, really good.

I couldn't say this Mana's Buffalo Wings will win you, as it might, but when you sink your teeth into them, you'll get the tenderness of the meat and crunch from the skin glazed with honey-like sauce.

For the salad people (probably with the same tribe I belong with), you are, I mean, we are pleased to be received by a estimable list of  mesclun of greens.

Get both meat and veggies with Vince Chicken Arugula Salad.

 Hippies rejoice and make way for Camille's Spinach and Arugula Bean Salad.

Ceasar Salad?

If don't feel like having heavies, and but you still need carbs and proteins, then, how about some sandwiches.

Philly Cheesesteak served with fries.

 Mati's Angus Burger.

Grilled Chicken Sandwich.

This restaurant wouldn't be called as such without having to enjoy top-grade meats.  So, when you're in the area and seemed to be craving for Wagyu, look no farther and visit them.

I have often said this, I'm not really a fan of slabs upon slabs of meat, but I still find myself ready to indulge, specially if it's Wagyu.

For dessert, that's something they need to improve on, cause they only have a few, here is an eclair laced with chocolate and strawberry syrups and topped with mango.


Address: River Park, Festival Mall,
               Filinvest City, Muntinlupa City

Mati's Meat and Bread Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

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