Saturday, July 15, 2017

AirAsia's New Santan Menu and Catalogue Launch at Amorita

Last July 12, I flown with fellow foodies and travelers to Bohol on board Air Asia.  At the very least, it was my first time to have a pre-booked meal flying across the country.  My husband and I have counted on air Asia to bring our family to the destinations we have pinned as best-ever family trips, such as Puerto Princesa, Davao and Boracay, but we never really experienced a good meal inflight, because we were not aware of how such meals could be delightful.

That is why, I was tickled pink after having tried one of AirAsia's Santan meal - Uncle Chin's Chicken Rice, as we fly to Tagbilaran.

Check out my Instagram video on how I enjoyed opening the packed meal for the very first time.

I'm sure everyone would be delighted to know that AirAsia serves gourmet meals at affordable prices.  What's more is that ASEAN flavors are high-lighted together with the usual family comfort food like Chicken Lasagne and sandwiches.

Air Asia merchandise
 Pasalubong-buying made easier up on the air with these cute pieces at affordable pieces.

It was that same day that AirAsia unveiled its latest in-flight offerings featuring the best of Asean flavours, savory snacks, healthy food selections, variety of beverages, and special gift items and merchandise.

I'm over the moon to be included in their guest list after having found out that Air Asia had been voted as the World’s Best Low Cost Carrier for nine straight years.  As they had formally introduced “Santan inflight menu and catalogue” at  the gorgeous Amorita Resort in Alona Beach, Panglao, Bohol.

This was also an opportune time to taste everything in the menu and see which ones would be perfect for my family on our next island adventure.

Representing Korean taste buds is the all-time fave Beef Bulgogi served with Jap Chae.

Pak Nasser's Nasi Lemak.  This traditional Malaysian favorite is served in its authenticity, Chicken Rendang with fragrant coconut rice, chilli sambal on the side, all accompanied with traditional condiments of fried anchovies, fried peanuts and half of a hard-boiled egg.

Thai Green Curry with Rice on the other hand has aromatic chicken curry infused with authentic Thai spices served with fragrant white rice

Tourists had always been intrigued with our Adobo hence it's just about right to have it in the menu too.  Chicken bits that had been stewed in vinegar and soy sauce were tender and truly tasty without being too salty.  Adding more texture are the potato slices layered on top.

Also, AirAsia’s Santan menu have added a new dish for pasta lovers with Chicken Lasagne. Their Chicken Lasagne is an equally satisfying blend of classic creamy cheese and chicken with hints of herbs, served with a good size of steamed veggies.

For light eater or on flight in between major meals, these sandwiches can be equally sumptuous.  You can opt to have Chicken Deluxe Sandwich for P 130 and Vegetarian for P 150. A order of sandwich can be upgraded with drinks and a pastry for a couple of bucks more.

Sweet-tooths like me can also enjoy treats such as Chocolate chip cookies, Chocolate-coated Merangue and Red

Inflight meals are now available onboard and via online pre-booking.

“Gourmet experience onboard doesn’t have to be expensive and as an added value for our guests, we are keeping our pricing at affordable levels and at the same time maintaining the highquality and flavour of all our meals,” AirAsia Philippines’ Head of Ancillary Karlo Sanchez .

Combo meals or hot meals with choice of drinks are priced at P180 and to enjoy greater savings, AirAsia encourages guests to pre-book their meals or to purchase their meals in advance online. Guests who pre-book will be assured of meal availability and will enjoy priority meal service onboard.

Click here to pre-book your meals.

Click here to book your flight.

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