Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Re-tying Healthy Marriage Ties at Escala Tagaytay Hotel

A commanding view of Taal Lake at Escala Tagaytay Hotel

This is the first time I asked my husband about how we've been as married couples, in all honesty, I couldn't say it's all happy and gay. Most of the time, we've talk about political or family issues and less of our marriage, so I'm not expecting him to be serious about it, and well, most of the time he'd joke about his banters either playing stupid or being too discerning.

This is how it went...

Me:      How long have we been married?
Daddy: Your son will be twenty-one already.  So...
Me:      It's not a strong 21 years right?
Daddy: We passed through 21 years of sailing rough seas of marriage.
            It was a test of time and we overcame. We were able to reach the top of one hill. For me it was a sign of success. The trek wasn't easy.

Me thinking...Hmmm, first it was the seas, then he compared our relationship to an uphill trek.  Ano kaya next?  But seriously...

Daddy: The past six years were vulnerable times and we were holding on to one thread, nothing else but faith in God.  It is only Him who have given us all the things we needed to rebuild a relationship each of us was holding on for (or I have been dreaming of).

            We were undeniably blessed beyond what we have hoped for.  And I'm overwhelmed.

Me thinking... Gee, we have the same thoughts about our life with God.

Conversation ended when our son came home donning a new haircut, which he never had for like more than a year already, I guess.

Typical of most of our conversations ending when a child barges in and cuts through whatever we've been talking about.

I brought this up as February is our anniversary month and I would like to be reminded how we have changed as a partner to each one and how God decided to lavish us with His unpredictable grace.

Also, sharing you how we spent to celebrate it in advance or also a late V-Day remembrance.


Not too many know about this modern hotel overlooking Taal and the iconic volcano, for it seems to be hidden still from the main thoroughfare of the hustling Tagaytay.

And I'm one of those blessed guest who was able to get a soft-opening deal which I got when I last visited the Travel Fair at SMX last year.  It's so easy to find with Google map or with Waze, also on the bend a huge tarp sign would direct you to the sight.

The facade.

When you enter, find the concierge at the left.

This hotel is perfect for that escape from the urban jungle we're used to. Aside from the commanding view of Taal Lake and the volcano, this modern-ish hotel has touches of homey-ness and lux.  I love that there are no bright colors splashed around to distract us from the tranquil atmosphere.

Muted hues that makes you think of nature may be the best description I could give  for their design.

I got the Deluxe room for the hubby and me and when we got inside, we were surprised to see two beds, a queen size and a double-sized bed.

We laughed and then got sad, as we were planning to get all romantic in one bed.  And, whenever we'd bring our kids (yes, on our anniversary) we'd all squeeze in one bed.

ESCALA, is a Spanish word meaning scale. It applies majorly in quantitative industry such as architecture.

For a fair to the middling peeps like us, whenever my husband and I hear or read the word scale, the first thing that comes to our minds is square or angle.

The hotel's name is the perfect name for this modern architectural structure.  I'm not an architect or an interior designer so I couldn't really hustle correct descriptions in these fields.

For now, I fancy grays and muted hues in the interiors as I find them relaxing.

As you can see everything you need in the bathroom has been provided for.

I love their concept of re-filling ceramic jars for the shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and lotion.

 Coffee and tea bar hidden underneath the table.

Our room included breakfast for two, and it was great that the buffet is open up until 10 am as we woke up past 8:30.

The hotel's cafe is at the left side and more views of Taal can be seen.

Breakfast buffet is hefty and complete from fruit platters to cereals, breads salads and different Filipino dishes to go with plain steamed rice or garlic fried rice, nothing too special really, but they do have tawilis.

Al fresco feels when having breakfast.

To end with, let em leave you with this famous marriage quote

"Chains do not hold a marriage together. It is threads, hundreds of tiny threads which sew people together through the years."-- Simone Signoret


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