Friday, September 23, 2016

The Youngest of the Pack is Now Eleven


I'm not talking about the inexplicable character in Stranger Things, the trending Netflix series.  It's now my daughter's age.  As she turned a year higher than ten, I can see that she will achieve what she aspires for even at an early age.  Being the youngest, she had been "the" go-to girl for everything. You know as in all her siblings order her to do this and that - from getting their stuff, cleaning around, and yes, down to the intensely emotional act of injecting insulin to her older sister (well in an exaggerated manner of me telling).

Our home may sometimes...okay, most of the times, be likened to a mini zoo!

Each of our four kids have their own distinct personalities, different interests and yes, even character traits.  But our youngest, seem to be the dauntless, most gutsy and one who probably will walk in my shadow (as a baker, blogger).

So to celebrate her birthday month, we started with a dinner two weeks ago with a movie (they have hoped for Train to Busan but we ended up with Pete's Dragon) and a dinner at the spanking new Chibo Okonomiyaki.

Ahh, their "kuya" is the luckiest guy in the world!  

Getting to Chibo was like unearthing a new discovery.  It's located at the second floor of S Maison which is at Conrad Manila.  We took the entrance which was in front of the bay area.  Walked from SM MOA towards Buffalo Wild Wings on to the lobby of
Conrad Hotel lobby
To go to the mall, S Maison, you need to enter onto a secret door.  We were gladly assisted by Conrad's nice people.

Front door lounge while you wait for your dining table spot

On the left of the escalator landing are restaurants lined up, the first on the strip is Chibo, and next to it is Umauma, another Japanese resto concept but heavy on ramen bowls. Not that MOA is short on ramen go-to places, but each one distinct, and Umauma certainly deserve our visit, just like Ippudo's new branch and Ramen Nagi.

I've read that Osaka okonomiyaki is one of, if not the best in Japan. Chibo Okonomiyaki specializes in Osaka okonomiyaki so i guess there's nothing wrong if we expected so much.

Better to call them ahead and reserve for your seat, they do get a lot of walk in diners on peaked hours.  It's a casual resto so no need to dress up fancily and prices are competitive.  Cash and card payments are welcome.

There are different kinds of dining experience, they have private rooms for business or family events.  regular dining areas where tables can be moved around to accommodate the numbers of group diners.  And there is the bar or open kitchen area, where you can see the chefs preparing your dishes right in front of you.

Every dining table has a hot flat grill pan on the middle, the staff would turn it on for you and remind you that it's hot, and your food will be kept warm when placed on it.

With kids at our side, soups are a must to start their meals, and I'm glad they have two options, cream of mushroom and tomato.

For us, adults, we began wiith veggies and some seafood.

Cheese Asparagus Spinach Teppan

Shake (salmon) is buttered pan-fried salmon wedges.

Hotate (Scallops)

We came here for the Okonomiyaki really, thus we had tried two kinds.  Danielle hoped they would have takoyaki in the menu as well, but ney.

Okonomiyaki is Japan's version of vegetable savory pancake.  It is typically made up of chopped up, shredded cabbages and meshed up with eggs.

The flavor comes from the different spices and seasonings added and the fancy Kewpie mayo added on top as a decor too.

Dessert is included in the set okonomiyaki meal.  The birthday girl had her black sesame seed gelato.

The overall experience was like an escape to our family's normal Filipino and Italian meals we would have at home.  Hope it triggered some more interests in the Japanese culture in them too.

Chibo Okinomiyaki

Address:   Level 2, S Maison, Conrad Manila,
                 Seaside Boulevard Corner Coral Way,
                 Mall of Asia Complex (MOA), Pasay City
Contact Numbers:  02 8983333

Chibo Okonomiyaki Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 


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