Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Hotel Review: The Pinnacle Suites Hotel, Davao

The best part of our first day in Davao was a leisurely stay at The Pinnacle Hotel and Suites.  Our Samal Island's adventure needed to cap off with a comfortable downtime.  With our tour starting from 9 in the morning the moment our plane landed in Davao up to a long traffic down to Sta. Ana St, The Pinnacle was such a trophy for having braved the day's adventure.  

Did you know that Davao too has a Chinatown?  Unbeknownst to many, the Dabawenyo-Chinese
relationship flourished for decades and can be seen through the growing business in the area. Smacked right around a couple of malls and business centers, and of course restaurants, The Pinnacle seems to be a good hotel to stay at, specially for a family as big as ours.

We came too late for our check in time,since we came from Samal Islands and the port was an hour of drive to where Pinnacle is.  However, the hotel manager was so kind to wait for us and welcome us personally and made sure that our needs were met accordingly.  Add to that the courteous and welcoming attitude of the staff from the gate right to the guest's desk.

It was just fair me to say that the staff of the hotel wasn't just accommodating, they were honest too. It was one of those moments when an awkward experience of your luggage accidentally getting exposed and your stuff spilling over at the lobby.  The bell boy was just so helpful just that my husband lost his credit card.

After being settled, we headed to the nearest mall to have dinner, then finding out that my husband's credit card was missing.  Coming back at the hotel, my daughter and I went back to the spot where the luggage had fell off and lo and behold my husband's gold visa was resting uptight at the edge of the staircase, my daughter found it.  We were just wondering why no one else found it, but we were glad.

The lobby shows a bit of how the provice is rich in flora with the huge birds of paradise adorning the center table, which semed to greet guests the Dabawenyo way.

The lobby, circular in shape and lavishly decorated with art pieces on the wall looked even great at night when the lights at the ceiling lit up in the most architectural spectrum of colors.

We had the family room which was spacious at 40 sq. m. 

I love how elegant our room looked complete with an office area, a living room spot, a kitchenette, a coffee table and two full-sized beds.

Not on the photo, a 34 inch LED TV hung beside the study table.  What my kids really loved was the individualized Wifi passes, 2 to be exact, and which were fast, mind you.

Nezt t the beds is the bathroom door.  The bathroom is equipped with hot and cold shower, clean facilities and enough towels for four people.  Hygiene kits were also provided.

On our windows, you can see part of the Davao city in all it's glory at night.

This photo is what welcomes guests as they took of the elevator.

One thing my kids missed was to swim in their indoor pool.

On the same floor where the pool is, a mini gym also can be found and some hotel units.

Though the pool isn't that big to swim a lap, it's enough to dip your weary bodies on and enjoy the lights that play along the waves of the water.

Another thing we missed is lounging in the jacuzzi.

Isn't this a serene place to unplug from the busy lives we live.

They do have a cafe at the lobby which serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Our room package included four meals and since we are six, we paid extra for our two kids which was P 400 each.

The breakfast spread was a mix of Filipino and American food.  We got down a little late so, the spread was a bit limited but nevertheless, everything was great.

Below is the map where you can find The Pinnacle.  Click on the photo to enlarge

Address: Sta. Ana Avenue, Davao City 8000


  1. Hi Joy, thank you so much for the wonderful write up and comments of our hotel based on your experience with us. We truly appreciate it so much and would like you know that we look forward to welcome you back and stay with The Pinnacle Hotel and Suites.

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