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Commune Cafe Now at Polaris, Makati

Their short haitus was a compelling challenge to regular coffee drinkers at H.V. Dela Costa St. in Makati business area.  It has become a rewarding news after finding out that they have transferred to a bigger and far better when location is concerned.  Still at a corner, Commune Cafe seats humbly at the corner of Polaris and Durban Sts, just across Alchemy Bar.  

With that said, the community gets access to not just great coffee the whole day but an array of sumptuous meals as well.  Whether you need to perk up before going to work, meet up with a friend or have your business meetings over coffee and grubs or have something to sober up after a fun night at Makati's known red light district, Commune is at your disposal.

Though Commune have transferred, they still carry the homey, organic feel of their cafe as to what they have established over the years.  What's even better is that they have more seating areas and have even made the second level of the building as an event space for workshops, talks and small corporate events.

When I hear the word commune, it always brings me to compare it with the Italian word "comune," pronounced as "koo- moh- ne," which means a community or a city.  It's namesake truly invibes the meanings the owners have envisioned their cafe to be. They wanted to give the cafe a small community-feel, where anyone can engage with each other, foreigners befriending locals, foodies rubbing elbows with coffee-lovers and different folks with different strokes communicating or communing with each other, thus the huge communal table upon entry, the blackboard wall against it and an island where you can chat with the barista as he concoct your chosen coffee.

Allow the barista to grab his weapon of choice as he concoct for you an outrageously good cup of Joe.

Commune Cafe's iconic cappuccino art
Because I was busy documenting every details of Commune, I wasn't able to observe how a fellow blogger's cappuccino was made.  Whether it be a pour-over, Aero-press, moka pot or the cafetière method, you're assured that what gets to your table is a fresh and good coffee from local suppliers.

Commune's Iced Mocha
My forever favorite for those times that I needed to cool off, Iced Mocha.

Upon moving the business venture a notch higher, Ros Juan was joined with friends who are now hands full with Commune's goals.  Long-time friend and who used to be Commune client "slash" backup staff, Inigo Alvero, now a partner and restaurant manage. A chef who used to work at Barcelona now leads the kitchen and is the one responsible for the new dishes they now offer in their menu.

Speaking of the menu, let me start sharing you some of the things I've tried in my recent visit at the said cafe.  Can I say again that their coffee are exceptional, but apart from that their menu will surely surprise and delight you?  They used to serve paninis and light dishes at their previous branch now they have beyond snacks.  You can either share these bowls of nachos and chicharon bulaklak over beers and cocktails, or simply indulge with it as an appetizer.  

I love both these dishes, these simple finger food will surprise you in every bite.  The nachos has fresh veggies to go with their secret creamy melted cheese on it.  I was taken aback with the chicharon bulaklak as it doesn't have that nasty smell you get when it's being cooked.  I don't really eat innards of animals for health purposes, though this one's an exception.

Meet Croque Madame and Croque Monsieur, same sandwich experience but not that special.

Arroz a la Cubana.  If you think this is just a regular Spanish home dish, better think again.  Yes, it does have the same texture, with the fried saba bananas, poached egg and all, the special touch lies in the ground meat itself.  Instead of the regular sauteed ground pork, Chef Mickey, used chorizo, whch gives the dish some depth with the meat being micro bits and that right mix of salty and sweet taste.  

Pollo al Ajillo.  As simple as this chicken dish looks, preparing it would be complex.  You can ask Chef Mikey if he's around as he would gladly tell you the story behind how Spaniards taught our forefathers in cooking this.  Though it's just garlic-infused chicken, the meat that instantly falls of the bones will set you in the comfort level, to thinking that your grandma was the one who cooked this for you.

Steamed rice is served on this ceramic pot and I'm totally into their ceramic plates, brings me back to the past days eating at my grandma's place in Bohol.

Here's the thing, I love eating Adobo, only if my Dad cooks it or me. So I'm really particular of how my Adobo is. On times when I don't feel like cooking Adobo but craves for it, I just give off a sigh and have whatever is available, but there's no joy to it.  Thank God for Commune's Pork Adobo, an heirloom recipe form Ros' grandmother's, I can always savor Adobo the way I love it.

A bowl of serving has a cup of fried or steamed rice, fried egg and tomatoes.  The meat has that perfect balance of saltiness and sourness.  The meat was tender and seemed like it had been marinated well.

Desserts are exemplary, they serve the best cookie shots.  Actually, they are the only cafe I know that serves it, the chocolate cookie batter is shaped into glass shots, baked and coated with chocolate then filled with milk.

They also have cookies and cupcakes to go with your tea or coffee.  

So, do you think it's time to pay them a visit and try all these for yourselves, well maybe not everything in this post, but make sure to play around their menu...

Commune Cafe

Address:  36 Polaris cor. Durban Sts., 
                Brgy. Poblacion, Makati City
Contact details:  275-6324
@CommunePH on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Commune Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

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