Friday, September 25, 2015

Mom and Daughter Bonding Over Kundalini Yoga by Rosan Cruz at Discovery Primea

My youngest daughter just became 10 years old three days ago and prior to that I planned a weekend bonding with only her.  I can tell the stress she has living together with her older siblings and vice versa.  As a mom of two teens (who are now in college) and two younger girls, it's difficult to accept the fact that time flies so fast and they too grow up so fast that catching up with their growth is like always catching your breath, and I just thank God I had enough of it to sustain my motherhood. 

My time will never be enough to be the great mom that they need me to be.  Oh, wait, let me rephrase that, 24 hours is not enough to really contribute to all my four kids' daily successes, including the time I need for my husband and myself.  There would be some nights that I check on them in their sleep and wishing they didn't grow up, that they stay the cuddly cutey pie they used to be and that they never question me with my decisions, even with the kind of clothes I would want them to don.

Well, I guess the quote "time flies" is  passe when referring to kids growing up, so it is important to me to spend quality time while they're young and eventually, it made such good impacts in their lives.  With this said, I can see for now how my youngest is budding up to be, but, I'm more interested in basking in life's goodness with her. 

That weekend I brought her to a food fair in Signa Residences.  I was supposed to send her home before I go to my next event, but considering traffic and time, I decided to bring her to the yoga event and she agreed to stay and take photos for me anyway. 

While Yoga is utterly new to her and me, we tried to make the most of it, and how glad I was to have her join the group and try Yoga, since most of us were also yoga virgins.  Not only that, both of us were in awe upon getting inside the newest hotel in Ayala, Discovery Primea. 

The posh and open lobby has that welcoming vibe that made my daughter felt at home, we were then led to the 3rd Floor where 37 Degrees Gym is located, where we will be having our first ever yoga experience.  Seeing some of the other amenities on the same floor, I wondered how their rooms are and Danica even asked about their swimming pool.  The gym has modern equipment, wooden inlaid floors and the area for yoga is encased with floor to ceiling glass windows overlooking the Ayala commercial site.

The intimate event was an exciting one, with gifts coming for Frigga by Maritess Allen (yoga top embellished with unique symbols, yoga mats and items from Zen Nutrients as well.

I knew that there are several different practices of Yoga but never have I heard or even read about Kundalini yoga.  Apparently, Kundalini Yoga's pimary objectives are to awaken the full potential of human awareness in each individual, recognize our awareness, refine that awareness, and expand that awareness to our unlimited Self. 

Perfect for a mom with my concerns.  A bit giffy at first, with Rosan Cruz as our instructor introducing Kundalini to us, it made Yoga more fascinating.   Rosan Cruz is a certified Kundalini teacher and her welcoming aura made all of us participants quite at ease, after all that's what yoga is for, attaining relaxation and over-all renewal.

Rosan, ( led us to release stress, tension, and negative energy through a series of dynamic Kundalini Yoga poses also known as kriyas through a series of movements over an instrumental background.  Kundalini is a dynamic practice which incorporates physical, mental and spiritual aspects of yoga into one cohesive and integrated system. It has a much broader emphasis on breathing, meditation, hand positions or mudras, chanting or mantra, and spirituality.

In Rosan's introduction, the Kundalini consists of a reservoir of untapped basic life energy or prana residing at the base of the spine, often symbolized as a coiled snake or serpent.  This lies dormant in most people. Through the practice of Kundalini Yoga this source can be activated and drawn up through the body, energizing each of the seven energy centers or chakras.

After the one hour of  fire-breathing exercises, chanting and doing poses, I felt instant relief from slight chest pains, but I surely felt my spine stretched and my legs bit tired.  Above all, I was able to free myself once again from all the negativities surrounding my being including my terrible past experiences, and I felt at peace both with myself and with my surrounding.

My daughter, surprisingly joined us from the start until the end, and was quite more limber than her mom.  Though she felt some tingling sensations at her back, probably from the stretching and body arching we have done, she felt good afterwards, and so did I.  As a mom, I can see how such exercises can be very benefiting physically, mentally and spiritually in children.  My daughter is already 10 years old though so I can't really tell if this would give the same benefit to younger kids, though I did hear of some kiddie yogas. 

The yoga practice was followed by excellent and equally beautiful spread of afternoon snacks by Discovery Primea, one of the prime and luxury event venues to date in Makati. The Beef and Mushroom Pie, Smoked Salmon Cream Cheese Bagel, Prosciutto and Brie Croissant, and Grilled Balsamic Marinated Vegetable Focaccia Sandwich and the hotel’s luxe ambiance made everyone felt like royalty.

On our snack, we were also encouraged to try samples from Detox in a Bottle.  These healthy drinks are nature's gift for our wellness and said to be great to drink after yoga sessions.  My daughter and I love the green juice which consisted of cucumber, mint and basil. The other bottle is ginger and turmeric based sweetened with stevia is good before every meal which sustains dieting.

It was a fitting experience in that during the ancient times, Kundalini Yoga was kept secret and reserved only for the kings and queens. Today, everyone can benefit from the practice, radiate love, peace, and beauty, and attract only the best that life has to offer.

Interested enough?

Why don't you join us at Rosan's class, below is the schedule and the address:

Mondays from 6:30-8:00 PM
Rosan Kundalini Yoga
Address:   Romulo Center,
                  Century Plaza, 120 Perea St.,
Contact:  0918 888 9198


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