Thursday, April 9, 2015

Summer Eats at Sheridan's

Someone once told me, "When you go to Palawan, never ever miss eating the seafood and the tamilok.  Once you have tried it, I guarantee you, your life is going to change."  That was of course when I was researching for our family tour in Palawan.  Come the time when we are about to chug down a number of what seemed to resemble a large half-dead grayish worm.  Served on a white saucer with a vinegar on another sauce dish, everything went smoky and blurry, and seemed like Bhogs and I are part of a show proving that you could win the extreme challenges set before you.

Here is what Wikipedia has to say about tamilok - Teredo navalis, the naval shipworm, is a species of saltwater clam, a marine bivalve mollusk in the family Teredinidae, the shipworms. This species is the type species of the genus Teredo. Like other species in this family, this bivalve is called a shipworm because it resembles a worm in general appearance, but at the anterior end it has a small shell of two valves which is specialised to bore through wood.

For short, it's a mollusk and many refer to it as a wood worm, mainly because they are found on boroughs of dead mangroves.  The only way it is eaten is raw (or so I know) or prepared ala ceviche.  It's not like you are going to be poisoned or will it eat your gut out...hehe...So why the heck not!

We tried it, though it didn't change my life that much, except, I, not Bhogs, became bolder, less squeamish and can now join Extra Challenge (the show), if it's to be revived.

After less than a year, I was back to where the gut-wrenching, eating challenge happened.  Ooohh, I could still remember how I held up the discomforting feeling of throwing up my lunch on our ride back to our hotel in Puerto Princesa, and the culprit -- eating four medium sized tamilok after a heavy lunch.

On our three-day stay in Sabang, all our meals were greatly provided by Sheridan Resort and Spa, this time, I didn't ask for tamilok, apparently, they don't have it, when we were there. 

Let me now delve into serious business, the job of eating gustatory delights at Sheridan's restaurants.

My urban escape to Palawan was nothing short of amazing, not only was it jam packed with adventure, food was a plenty as well.  You don't need to go farther to satisfy your cravings for fresh fruit shakes or deli or something healthy and organic.

Yes to organic!

Sheridan's Organic Farm

In Palawan, much efforts have been made by private sectors and LGU's to foster organic agriculture also known as sustainable agriculture.  Most of the resort's vegetables, fruits and herbs come from their own organic farm.  I can't wait to tell you all about our trip to the farm as well.

Sheridan Beach Resort and Spa has four restaurants and bars to delight your appetite while enjoying your stay and in a state of communing with nature.

South Sea Restaurant 

Hotel guests like me always expect to have a breakfast spread that is wholesome and nutritious.  After all, with all the activities for the day planned out for us, the breakfast  is a good kick start to our morning and Sheridan's culinary team made sure everything was fresh and prepared palatably.

South Sea Restaurant is the major caterer for the whole resort.  Breakfast is served ala buffet for hotel guests.  Since the beach is open to the public, non-hotel guests can also dine in while enjoying the stunning view of the tropical white beach.  A menu is available at every room so you can also wake up with breakfast in bed.

This is part of the ceiling inside the resto.  I just have to post this cause I have a thing with lamps, and I found these elegant and rustic.

Sharing you the buffet breakfast...

One of my favorite breakfast station, the noodle section where you can design your own bowl of noodle soup, the broth also varies each day, I think that  day it was beef broth.  You can choose all the trimmings you like, either make it meaty or healthy with a balance of veggies and meat.

The salad, deli and fruit are sectioned together on one side of the resto, variations are enough but not that impeccable, since no one really eats heavy veggies on a breakfast.

 For the vegetarians, you can gorge on these stir-fried assortment of local and organic veggies.

And ah, how can I forget, the caloric, sinful yet delish crisped bacon strips that everyone raved for.  This is like eating the yummiest chicharon ever, cause, well hey, it's their home-made bacon. Though I ate a couple with my bare hands, I made sure I break myself from grubbing too much.

My  parents would have loved to have these crispy fried dilis (Visayan for dried anchovies) with their steamed organic black rice.

This cool-looking guy here manages the omelette and egg cookery.

Lunch Ala Carte...

Their menu is a mingling of favorite regional dishes and International comfort food.  But above all, learning that the said hotel is an eco-resort and proved to be self-sustaining even with all while adhering to the cultural and ecological authenticity of the local area

They never ran out of cool summer sippers, be it fruity, extremely sweet or just plain refreshing, mango shake had always been my favorite though.

When ordering ala carte, a plate of newly baked warm buns with butter will be served.

Let me put an emphasis on fresh!  All their dishes are cooked from scratch including all their breads.   Their pan de sals and sliced bread loaves are well-received during breakfast mostly by expats.

From a plethora of international and local dishes here are what we chose to share you.

Crab Cakes

Pumpkin Soup

Grilled Prawns

We also got to sample from the kiddie menu - Burger sliders.


Crispy Pata

For dessert, a unique twist from everyone's favorite cheesecake, a slice of Ube Halaya Cheesecake

Buffet lunch spread... 

Buffet dinner by the beach...

Wet n' Dry Poolbar

This sunken bar is such a treat for those who loves soaking up in the pool and taking a break with a cocktail or some other refreshments.

Sheridan Beach Resort and Spa

Address: Sabang Beach, Puerto Princesa City,
               Palawan, Philippines
Contact details:  (+63) 908 880 8509
                           (+63) 917 631 3479


Unit 203 – 204 Centro Buendia Building,
           401 – 427 Sen. Gil Puyat Avenue, Pasay City
(63 2) 939 8888
(63 2) 517 9954
(63) 917 726 5224
(63 2) 255 4223


Jeco Building, Rizal Ave. Extension, Puerto Princesa City,
            Palawan, 5300 Philippines
(63) 917 308 3245
(63 48) 434 1448
(63 48) 723 7278
(63 48) 434 1449



  1. This made me drool! Lovely photos, and I'm plotting my scheds for Sheridan now! Palawan is a paradise indeed!

  2. Thank you so much for your detailed information! Do you remember how much cocktails cost at the resort?

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