Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Honest-to-Goodness Coffee by City Blends, Now in 7-Eleven

Have you noticed 7-Eleven's new addition to their hot beverage line lately?  7-Eleven made a mark by launching its newest coffee brand, City Blends, last January. What a way to start 2015?  Quite a welcoming thought for coffee lovers and 7-Eleven customers like our family, don't you think?

City Blends by 7-Eleven promises its convenient, rich and flavorful coffee that is affordable and easily accessible.  Just yesterday, after finding out about it, Bhogs and I have visited two of their stores while we were out looking for an outdoor adventure store and the unit is readily available.  In fact, it is now servicing frequent-goers of 258 stores in select branches in the metro and its in their plan to roll it out to 700 other stores within this year and soon in Visayas.

According to a survey, 6 out 10 Filipinos drink at least a cup of coffee a day and as 7-Eleven's worthwhile effort to sell products that are truly convenient, they made sure that even their coffee is adept to the modern changes of the these times.  

It was my first time to experience the "fly ace" machine prepare a fresh cup of cappuccino right in front of me and without a barista.  However, you can be sure that the cup of coffee is hot, and fresh.  Imagine, for a mere price of P 20, you get a freshly grind 100 % Arabica beans that is mixed with sugar and milk.  The self-serve machine is easy and fun to operate as well, just like how easy it is to fill your cup with your favorite Slurpee flavor.

All you need is to choose your cup, then choose your coffee.  Push the button that corresponds to your coffee and cup size and check the screen for advises.  Wala!  In as quick as 10 seconds or less you can savor a good cup of Joe.

You can enjoy a good brewed coffee from City Blends or how about delightful flavors such as French Vanilla, Mochaccino and Hershey's Dark Chocolate.

Wait for it!  In time for the season of love and romanticism, they have added fun to the launch of City Blends.

For Valentine's City Blends will give customer the chance to express themselves honestly through the City Blends Honest Cups.

For a whopping P20 cost, you can choose from the 3 limited edition 8 oz. Honest cups: Single, Taken, ot It's Complicated.  Adding fun and more meaning to this, the Honest cups come with blank spaces where you can write the reason of your chosen status.  

With this, I just remembered one cafe in front of La Salle, Noriter Cafe, where you have the liberty to design your coffee cups with a coloring pen.  Well, you can get creative and expressive at times so go ahead and express your status and don't forget to post that in FB or IG, okay.  You may use the hashtags #711CityBlends #HonestlyTaken #HonestlySingle #HonestlyComplicated so you can join in the bandwagon.  

My first cup!  (Hindi na po napag-isipan pa)

My Instagram post, and as you can see this cup of French Vanilla has that perfect crema on top and I can say that this is real coffee mixed perfectly with the right blend of sugar and milk.

You can now follow 7-Eleven on social media at 

Twitter: @711philippines
Instagram: @711ph


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