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BGC Eats 2014: A BGC Tour for Passionate Stomachs

It's back and with a vengeance!
Surrender yourself to Chef JJ Yulo and the gang as they take you to places not only of interests around Bonifacio Global Center but also of epic gustatory experience. 

Four restaurants, four experts, one delicious food tour for passionate stomachs!

Last year, was a fun fare when foodies from all walks of life joined together exploring the foodie destination, that is BGC, with the event to highlight some of the top-notched restaurants, cafe and bars, dubbed as BGC Eats.  A couple of restaurants where brought to the mass' light and have shared a communal concept with the participants, the love for dining out.

This time, BGC Eats 2014 will again come about with a line of interesting features that harmonize with things all about food.   This year's BGC food tour will be held on the following dates (July 26, August 2, August 9, and August 16) along with special concepts and workshops.

Again hosted by the Big Brother in the foodie market, the charming Chef  JJ Yulo.  However, the tour evolved, making it more educational and interesting, just like how BGC would want to showcase it's little progressive town not only in the fields of business but also in arts, recreation and of course dining.  BGC's promo is also to catch more of the attention of those who are looking for a place to live where they can be near to all the commodities of modern and easy living.  Taguig City has truly evolved and BGC has been its capital mover and shaker.

Chef JJ will be joined by four professionals in their own fields, thus no tour is said to have a similar one.  Listed below are the only FOUR tours available with the corresponding topic of interest and Chef JJ's partner in crime.

Tour 1 (July 26) is Science
 Artha Ting, a Science geek from The Mind Museum will be there to scientifically explain the processes involved in the food or dishes that will be featured.

Tour 2 (August 2) is Photography
Meet Mylene Chung, the genious behind's lovely food photos.  Get infected with her wits and skills in shooting that food's perfect angle, and make your way to be one of the great IGers (Instagram users).

Tour 3 (August 9) is Drink Pairings
One of the topics in gastronomy that seemed to be overlooked most of the times is paring your dish with a beverage, including wines.   Good thing they were able to tap Enderun's assistant dean of Hospitality Management.  Bel Castro will  share some tricks on how to enjoy your meals better with the perfect drink to match it with.  However, this is only PG 18 (only for 18 years and above only).

Tour 4 (August 16) is Healthy Eats
This tour is perfect for vegetarians or for those looking for healthier options when eating out.  Denise Celdran of Edgy Veggie will be your guide.

How to get a ticket for BGC Eats 2014:

1. Shop and Claim – Two (2) tickets will be given for every minimum single receipt purchase of P2,000 at any BGC establishments. All purchases from the following establishment:  Bonifacio High Street, The Fort Entertainment Center, Crossroads, Bonifacio Stopover, One and Two Parkade and the Mind Museum are eligible. Eligible dates of purchase must be between July 21, 2014 to August 16, 2014 only.

2. Hello BGCitizen – One (1) free ticket will be given to BGCitizen upon proof of residence, employment or enrollment.

3. Straight Purchase – Tickets are prized at P1,500 each and can be purchased 15 minutes before the tour at the meeting point.

Gentle reminders for those who have slots:

The Tour starts at exactly 3pm and will run for around 2.5 to 3 hours.Late comers will forfeit their tickets.
Meet up point is at the Hop On, Hop Off Bus Stop which will be at 9th avenue, in front of Krispy Kreme.
Maximum of 34 participants per tour date.
Tickets can claimed at the Bonifacio High Street Central Concierge from 11am to 8pm starting July 21, 2014.
For more details, you can contact Martha Asuncion at or (02) 818-3601 loc. 3207

To get a glimpse of what you may expect on the tour dates, I was able to participate the media tour, were the BGC Hop on Hop off bus took us to certain points of fun and art at BGC.  We were also brought to 3 different places where we were able to savor some of the offerings from Gustare, Prost and Mind Museum.  Thanks to Artha for being our alive Google representative giving us facts behind the science of pastries, sausages and adapting to climate change.

First stop was Gustare, I’ve actually heard a lot of good things about this place but was never able to find it. It is located behind The Goose Station, both house in W Tower, a couple of buildings away from VASK. Gustare is owned by Ginny de Guzman, former owner of Sugar House, which started out as a commissary for outsourced desserts. It has evolved to be so much more, an experimental space with ready to eat food, cakes and even host private dinners.

Gustare photos

With the restaurant manager of Prost

Chef Ian Carandang at the exhibit hallway of Mind Museum serving his Nut Milk Ice cream to a patron

 With moi, is the creator of The Apocalypse Project of Mind Museum.

Do read my super adventurous epicurean delight at the Future Feast press event.

Will be doing separate posts of the three tour venues.  Hurry it starts already this coming Saturday.

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