Monday, January 27, 2014

Madmark's Creamery and Good Eats

Last November 9, 2013 when typhoon Yolanda had hit the Philippines, Manila was at a pause. Though the climate was nice, with a few drizzles but with a bit strong gushes of wind, everyone was awaiting news from the regions which it will hit the strongest.  On that note, all my events and restaurant reviews were cancelled, even my HS daughter's PTA meeting.  But it didn't hamper me and my daughter to try out a newly opened ice creamery at Glorietta 5.

What really captivated me was their artisanal ice cream, such as the Madagascan Half-baked ice cream and the Sumatra Coffee Ice cream.  Mad Mark's is actually not at all new to foodies, I know, where have I been all these years?  Their home-churned ice creams have gained popularity in Kapitolyo.  But why didn't I see it when we had our Kapitolyo Food Crawl? Well, anyhoo, let me get started with the bright and cheery interior of the place.

As soon as you enter, you will feel the laid-backness and homey atmosphere of the place and with staff ever friendly and gracious.  We were blessed to have been here with a few people dining, now and every time we pass by that corner of Glorietta 5, the place seem to lack more space, for they are always full, with customers just buying ice creams or diners awaiting to be seated.

I love simple home matters brought to light in restaurants like Madmark's.  See how they have reused old wine bottles as water containers and the menu, hmmm..., their just plain and printed out, which I don't really mind.
The walls expresses what the food joint is all about.  Yes, to my husband's dismay, hehe, I have a thing with the terms Madagascar, Sumatra, Java, natural, artisan, fair-trade and coffee and vanilla beans.  Not that I find the comic movie Madagascar particularly charismatic (my kids do), but the thing with exotic and ingredients difficult to acquire (so yesterday) tempt me to try them if accessible.   See, we were able to learn a thing or two about these words here at Madmark's.

Let me first tell you that serving size matters here as well.  A plate of meal costing less than P 200, is just so huge for one person even for the likes of my daughter (who btw is a member of PG gang, as in 'patay-gutom' peg pag kumain).   We actually shared with a plate of Chicken Creole Classic- approximately one pound Creole grilled chicken  in flavorful gravy spiked with herbs and spices and garden grains.  I actually ate the Tenn Slaw that went with it.  Danielle found it a wee tangy.  The Tenn Slaw is a salad made of several shredded greens, carrots, cucumbers and onions with a mayo dressing.

I wanted to come here actually to check out their artisanal ice creams but look what greeted me upon heading the ice cream tasting stand - a bill board announcing their amazing dessert recommendation- THE ROLLING DUTCHMAN.  And yep the board almost said it all, except that it was surprisingly a heaven of an ice cream dessert!  You can have the option to have it in Nutella or Cookie Butter or both, I had it with the two spreads.
Okay, so I was able to try the Madagascar Vanilla Bean, but I also like the Half-baked Madagascar, but I'm full.

I wasn't able to sleep well that day because I was eager to try some other creations and I didn't, so when I had the opportunity to go to Makati for an event, I made sure to come back, and this time I brought the whole gang of bloggers to try it as well.

We all got to try different flavors and one scoop only costs P 68, while two scoops (can be different flavors is only P 98).

And finally, I was able to try the Half-baked Madagascar.   It's a Vanilla flavored ice cream with bits of cookies, only they use half-baked dough as their cookies.
One of us had the Javan Hot Chocolate which was chocolate with a kick of coffee.
Sorry, but this one I can't recall the name but I can remember how creamy and thick this was, every bite was just a joy to have.

Address: Second Floor, Glorietta 5, Ayala Center, Glorietta Complex, Makati City


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