Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Krem Top's Change for the Better

The year 2013 proved to be a formidable year for the Philippines. But through the difficulties and calamities, we showed extreme resilience and strength, which was witnessed and admired by the world over. As we face 2014, Krem-Top wishes to encourage every Filipino to continue to create greater and more positive changes in their lives.
With the campaign they launched early this new year, "Krem Top Change for the Better Pilipinas," followers were asked about what they can do to change their lives for a better one.  It was sort of a new year resolution but in that it must affect how you rule life to make if more fulfilling, yet again, what are the odds of keeping one's new year resolutions.  However, we can see an overwhelming response to what Krem Top has done and what probable good changes it will bring our nation as people from all walks of life promises to do things to make their life better.  So kudos to them!

How about you have you joined the "life-changing" bandwagon?

To know more updates about this campaign, you may log on to their FB Page, click HERE!


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