Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Duty Free Philippines Reports Commendable Sales Boost for 2023

Today was such a remarkable and eventful one, after finishing the day's chores and business errands, I was able to attend Duty-Free Philippines' event at Duty Free Luxe in MOA.  It was such an honor to be amongst the invitees who witnessed how the aforementioned business has grown after the pandemic.  

After the welcoming remarks from Ms. Josh Mirafuentes of DOT,  the Chief Operating Officer (COO) Vicente Pelogio A. Angala without any ado proceeded on how DFP has navigated through unprecedented challenges over the years.  Having a commendable sales milestone in 2019, raking in an impressive 226 M dollars, while witnessing a parallel surge in income, reaching a substantial P 464 M.  It is through DFP's unwavering commitment that translates to a significant P 243 M contribution to the Department of Tourism (DOT) for government tourism programs and projects, fortifying crucial support for government-driven tourism initiatives.  Because let me reiterate Mr. Angala's stand that Duty-Free is under the DOT after all.   And even in the face of the global pandemic's temporary disruption, this did not hamper their stalwart recovery.

Everyone marveled at the 53% increase that marked the sales during the fiscal year compared to 2022.

Like Angala said, "We struggled to rise to the occasion but demonstrated our strength and resilience as an organization that can adapt and improve."

It is with the guidance of Secretary Cristina Garcia Frasco and with her unwavering support, DFP is still at it in driving its business sales, according to Angala while expressing his gratitude.  Most of their bestsellers were chocolates and confectionery, liquors and wines, and perfumes and cosmetics.  That said, I guess I have contributed one or two as I mostly buy my skincare essentials at Duty Free, well for one, it's a wee cheaper in cost and well, it's tax-free.

Alongside their dedication to supporting locally-made products, especially to international travelers, DFP achieved a total sales of 3.3 M dollars, manifesting a 312% increase from the previous year.  In collaboration with the Department of Trade and Industry, the company is committed to featuring and representing Philippine culture and craftsmanship.

To be able to reach more markets, they have reopened their branches in airports such as Bacolod, Kalibo, and Iloilo and have announced that they will be opening soon in Clark Terminal 2 and will also be available online.

As they move ahead to 2024, they have embraced the challenge of increasing sales and income by 64 % to reach 167 M dollars. 

Before the event was brought to an end, Angala expressed his deep appreciation to those who have supported DFP, the customers, tourists, the OFWs, the Balikbayans, and their families.  He then urges and invites everyone to experience an enhanced Pasalubong shopping at DFP.  

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