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Of Recreation and Fete at Sariwon's 7th Anniversary Plus A New Premium Beef Barbecue Menu

Photo by Shiela Catilo

One of the best thing that happened to our family last year was a tour around the famous places in Seoul, South Korea.  The highlight of that tour was for all six of us to wear Hanbok, so I did put my husband and eldest son up to the challenge, for they too had donned the traditional Korean clothes which we rented out from one of the stores in Bukchon Village.

Hanbok-wearing is part of the cultural experience when visiting Korea.  It is worn by Koreans during special occasions and holidays.  So I made sure we get that ticked off on our must-try list.  It was a dream come true for me and my three girls to walk along the alleys of Bukchon Village and Gyeongbokgung Palace sporting the colorful clothes, however, what we missed was to dine over Korean BBQ on them.

Till Sariwon's 7th Anniversary.

I got invited by GamechangerPH to celebrate with them together with some media influencers and with the warm invitation was a Hanbok for me wear on the said event.  After all, 7 years is not a joke in the FnB business hence Sariwon made sure to have it the right way.

Allow me to share how special the celebration was with the tasting menu that was prepared for us (was with my husband Bhogs and our newborn baby), but before that let me tell you the legend behind the brand.

The legend of Sariwon’s best-tasting bulgogi dates back to more than eight decades ago when Mrs. Bun-Im Koo concocted a unique and mouthwatering recipe for traditional Korean beef barbecue, commonly known as Bulgogi. I've been cooking bulgogi for a long time, though the family is quite satisfied with it, it's nothing compared to Sariwon's.  The special sauce was created from a mixture of 12 different fruits and vegetables, prepared with no sugar, and made with love for her diabetic husband.

From the time Mrs. Koo opened her first restaurant in 1938 to cater to her friends and neighbors, Sariwon, led by the third-generation family, Mr. Sung Rah, has become a powerhouse-dining establishment in Korea that has garnered numerous awards in the restaurant world.

Aside from Bulgogi, Sariwon also created a superb recipe for 24-hour aged Beef Short Ribs, known as Yangnyeom Galbi using a special signature cutting technique and a marinade made from fresh fruits and vegetables.

The New York Times proclaimed it, “the most tender and succulent in Seoul.” What was once a small, 20-seat diner, now has 10 branches in Seoul with its main branch having over 350 seats, and one branch in Manila.

Today, through the preservation of deep tradition, it is those same extraordinary Bulgogi and Galbi recipes that are being served in Sariwon. Aside from its famous best-tasting Korean Beef Barbecue, Sariwon also takes pride in its other dishes that have also become favorites, like Soondubu Chigae (Seafood Tofu Stew), Japchae (Korean Vermicelli Noodles), Pajeon (Green Onion and Seafood Pancake), and more.

Sariwon uses only the freshest cuts of premium USDA High Choice Beef that are carefully chosen for their right balance of marbling and lean meat, freshly sliced, marinated overnight in the signature recipes, and then grilled to perfection right in front of diners on special ceramic charcoal so that they can enjoy the best-tasting Korean barbecue right off the grill. In this day and age wherein eating well is a top priority, Sariwon focuses on using fresh and high-quality ingredients like fruits and vegetables for its special sauce and marinades. Dining in Sariwon is an honest, elegant, and memorable experience.

To celebrate its 7th year of serving delicious authentic Korean dishes in Manila, Sariwon prepared
their new premium beef barbecue menu, which embodies that same tradition and craftsmanship that was present when Mrs. Koo opened the first Sariwon more than 80 years ago.

table teeming with banchan and salad
As we sat in our table, a wait-staff who was assigned to our table greeted us warmly and gave us the event's special drink and hot tea.  Then the ban chan came and a bowl of salad greens.

Sangria Soju P 250
Then while our grill is being heated for the line up of premium beef  to be grilled, we were served with a personal bowl of Soondubu Chigae (P 320).

This soup despite it's red, thick broth has that enough spiciness to warm up your appetite, the silky chunks of tofu together with the seafood bits and the mushroom makes this an enough of a light meal for me.

We were immediately served with Haemul Pajeon (P 380),  it's thought as a traditional Korean pancake made savory with squid, shrimp, mussels, and green onion.

Then the different cuts of beef...

Deung Shim (P 1,050).  Premium USDA High Choice fresh Rib eye Steak 150 g.

This simply clean yet tasty Yangnyeom Wagyu Salchisal (PHP1,395) is a 170g  of premium Snake River Farms Chuck Flap Tail marinated in sea salt and other spices.

Juicy and tender marinated USDA High Choice beef bone-in Short ribs Yangnyeom Galbi (PHP990, 250g).

Our favorite from all the meat is the Sariwon Bulgogi (P 545, 150g), thinly-sliced USDA choice beef grilled with broth, served with signature Sariwon sauce and homemade sweet potato noodles

Dolsot Bibimbap (P380)

What's the deal with Dolsot Bibimbap vs regular Bibimbap?
Well, the main difference is “Dolsot” 돌솥 or Stone Pot and not much else. Sariwon's Dolsot Bibimbap comes in a hot stone pot that has been coated with sesame oil and then cooked with rice and all the toppings in them until the rice starts to sizzle. This is so the rice at the bottom of the pot gets browned and crispy.

And who doesn't know Japchae (P 380)?  This is another colorful Korean dish of vermicelli noodles, pork, mushroom, green onion, carrots and other assorted veggies.

Might I say, this was one Korean feast for keeps, and we left our table so full but before we did, we were given a cup of Sikhye, a traditional sweet drink, homemade with malt and rice said to aid in digestion.

Again, to Sariwon, cheers on your seven long years of serving us incomparable Korean yumminess.


Address: C2, Bonifacio High Street Central,
               7th Avenue, BGC, Taguig City

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