Saturday, November 10, 2018

#Diversity: The Grand Wine Experience' Theme for 2018

Diversity in taste, origin, culture, technologies and every mystical philosophies surrounding every bottle of wine.  Because no wine is the same! There are many things to learn about wines, spirits and beers, and nothing can educate you dearly than experiencing each wine itself.

Olivier Magny, a sommelier enthuses, “just like literature, wine takes time to learn. Before having access to the emotion of a stunning poem or to the vigor of a captivating novel, we all had to go through a long initiation. First, we need to learn the alphabet, the sound of each letter. In wine, that would be learning about the grapes and their characteristics. Then, once we master our letters, we need to learn the arrangements of letters, the pronunciation, the grammar, the structure of sentences. Now we can read. In wine, that would be the stage when we start noticing differences between two reds. You no longer drink wine: you start drinking this wine.”

That said, be ready, as this year's Grand Wine Experience will highlight on the peculiarity of each wine from an assortment of more than 500 wines, spirits including beers that have been gracing this beautiful gourmet world.

As a prelude to the resplendent event which will happen on November 16, 2018 (Friday) at The Marriott Grand Ballroom, some bloggers were invited to get a glimpse of what to expect on the 18th Grand Wine Experience 2018.  I have been blogging about this event since 2015 and had experienced it once and all I can say is that it's incomparable to all the events I've been to.  Many had been written about it attesting that this is the biggest wine event in Asia. 

At the bloggers' event hosted by The Wine Museum, sommeliers, and representatives from different beverage companies graced the night bringing with them some of the products they wanted to highlight which will also be poured at GWE 2018.  Together with the long line up of wines and spirits  we learned about and were able to try, a seven-course meal was paired with them.

For tickets, contact Jorge Joseph 09178537501 use the discount/referral code: JORGEJ. The rate for the Grand Wine Event is Php 6,000. 


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