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Ikomai and Tochi

For the Love of Sharing Joy

After all we all just love people, and when we can make thousands smile and connected, it’s not a job, it’s a joy.

If you read someone write about bringing joy to others, you're sure you're not just getting a so-so product.  But when they not only create joy but bring themselves joy, something extremely wonderful takes place.

I guess this is what Ikomai and Tochi conveys.

While searching for interesting garden themes at Instagram, I stumbled upon Ikomai.
Don't you think our concrete jungles somehow needs to breathe?  An urban garden has been proven to give to grant a variety of mental health benefits. Being in natural places fosters recovery from mental fatigue, improves the outlook and life satisfaction, and simply viewing plants helps us to cope with and recover from stress, restores concentration, and improves productivity.

Given time for a break from work, like lunch, don't you want to spend it with plants around you?

In Ikomai you can do that while enjoying a modern take on Japanese cuisine.

As I've read, Ikomai and Tochi (dessert bar) is owned by a Japanese and a Filipino chef.  Hence, its menu speaks of authenticity with a sense of uniqueness.

Ikomai offers an unruffled setting, for people to have an avante garde meal or to relax over bar drinks.  The interior is zen-like and an ode to minimalism, a contrast to the artful and colorful plating of their dishes and baked goods.

They are one of the few Japanese restos serving Kushikatsu or breaded skewered meat, seafood and vegetables.

Aside from Kushikatsus, they also serve salads, poke, sashimi and one-of-kind lunch sets.

During our visit, with my husband and his sister, we took it as finding another jewel in the rough.  If you're not from Makati, you might find it hard to find Ikomai, but we were surprised to easily spot it and it has ample parking space.

We're not sure what to expect with Ikomai so we just ordered what seemed to be familiar to us, so I got Tuna Poke.

The staff willingly and cheerfully described to us the dishes we asked of him from the menu.

Until, this pictureques tower of avocado, tuna and wanton crisp was brought to our table.  The first word that came to me on my first taste was fresh!

There was a spice to the mayo that held every component but not something that will discourage you to have more. The subtle wasabi taste worked well to give it an oomph and definitely measures well against other poke dishes.

Another concept which makes this resto unique is their take on Osaka streetfood.

Say for example, the Ikomai Salmon Taco, which also comes in tuna and shrimp.

It's their version of Japanese Taco wrapped in Japanese seaweed.  Inside, cubed flavored, fresh salmon, steamed rice and radish salad complement each other.

My husband, dubious of my choice got something that does not might not sound too Japanese-y.

Aburi Duck.

Served with ponzu sauce, this made my husband a bit happy and confident with his choice for a duck dish.  Aburi means to torch, as this dish was given that classy way of crisping the skin or the outer layer of the duck.  It was surprisingly not too gamey and not oriental at all in taste.  Along with this, he ordered a cup of rice, as he thought it is crazy not to have the play of flavor without rice.

My sister in law had this shrimp kushikatsu and could have sworn to order more only if she brought her meds for her cholesterol.  The clean taste is always present and flavored salts on it's side gives you more freedom in adding saltiness or extra flavor to your kushikatsu.

What was planned as an afternoon coffee break was a deliberate escape from life's stress over a good Japanese meal and coffee.

With a cup of coffee, I got myself a sample from Tochi's gorgeous-looking dessert line.

The dessert that won my heart over was the Black Sesame Matcha Opera Cake.  It's a layer of mousse cakes matcha and black sesame in a puddle of milky matcha sauce.  One of the lightest and most indulgent dessert I would not get tired of having.

The dishes are priced competitively and the service top-notch.


Address:  ACI Group Building, 147 H.V. Dela Costa Street,
                     Salcedo Village, Makati City
Contact Details:  02 8164588
                           +63 9998870297

IKOMAI & TOCHI Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

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  1. Like you I'm always on a look out for places with a hidden garden. Their menu looks promising. Will try them soon. Do we need to reserve our seats?


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