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You Can Now Get the Benefits of Big Breakfast at Burgoo

The benefits of breakfast are just too good to pass up! Don't you know that having it everyday helps you perform and concentrate better throughout the day; you could boost your grades just by eating breakfast (if you're a student that is) or think happy and healthy thoughts throughout the day. Even experts would suggest it after having found out that you will actually eat less during the day when you start your it this way, helping you to better maintain your weight. In addition, eating breakfast can speed up your metabolism, while skipping it encourages it to slow down.

Why not help yourself by eating breakfast regularly?

Some may squirm and say, they are too busy in the morning preparing for school or work, to have one everyday.  Of course, I would suggest to wake up even earlier for this, however, if it would be really daunting then I suggest to get one near school or work, before starting your tankful day.

I have a good news to everyone living or working near Tomas Morato. Our favorite all-American comfort dining place, Burgoo, is now offering power sets of a meal for breakfast.

They've recently launched their all-day big breakfast plates.  You can choose from Filipino favorites to Continental breakfast dishes at an affordable budget starting at  P 145 to P 295.  Restaurant doors open at 9 am and every plate comes with a free drink which definitely complements your heavy plate, such as coffee, juice or iced tea.  If your beverage don't seem to be enough, you can add P 45 to have unlimited servings.

 USDA Marinated Steak (P 295)
You will definitely feel the love here with a list of  Filipino regulars made even better.  Select from  USDA Marinated Steak, Honeyed Chicken, Pork Sausage, Milkfish in Vinegar and Garlic, USDA Beef Steak with lemon and onions.  Of course, these are served with garlic fried rice, but wait, there's more, each plate comes with an egg, and you can either have it scrambled or sunny side up and salsa.

I have to mention, the salsa is such a perfect condiment, giving that extra kick to your meat. It's made of fresh tomatoes, onions and cilantro.

Always a favorite is this boneless Milkfish marinated in Burgoo's own kitchen with vinegar and garlic.  Locally sourced Bangus (as it's known) is way bigger compared to the ones we were accustomed to and I must say I love how well it was seasoned.  Milkfish in vinegar and garlic is only P 175.

My personal fave among the list is the Breakfast Combo (P 275)-a plate consisting of bacon slices and Burgoo Burger patty served with eggs cooked the way you like it.  The burger is actually a blend of chicken, pork and beef.  Grilled to well-done but still juicy and tender on the bite, it was truly a surprise and kind of a treat to be included in the list as it worked pretty well with rice without any gravy at all.

Craving for Tocino?  What about something better, and what could be better than pork tocino?  Well, how's Honeyed Chicken sounds?  

I hope I can really tell you how big the size of their servings are.  When this plate arrived at our table, I was really surprised, like with the other plate as well.  Two people can actually chew on the huge serving of the sweetened chicken pieces for only P 195.

If you opt out having rice for breakfast, how's about some toasted sesame bread to go with bacon, ham, breakfast sausage, spam and omelette.  Each plate under the Continental list still comes with your kind of eggs and a butter-marmalade combi.

For the Omelette, there are three different ways to enjoy it-Vegetarian, Salmon and Spinach, or Ham and Cheese for only P 175.

Burgoo Restaurant just nailed this breakfast deal with these four slices of fried Spam and scrambled eggs (P 175).  Oh my kids my just even have this for lunch and dinner.

And probably this stack of very fluffy pancakes as well... 

"There's so fluffy, I'm gonna die!"  That's probably how my daughters would react upon seeing these gorgeous pancakes.  A plate is served with butter and syrup for only P 145.

If you want to upgrade your plate with some add ons, you can choose from bacon, chocolate chips, or butterscotch and banana.

Along with a good meal, either from their newly designed breakfast menu or their classic mainstays and bestsellers are sweet-endings of slices Chocolate Cake, Cheesecake and Brownie a la Mode.

Perhap's you don't mind having these too for breakfast...I wouldn't!

Wouldn't you want to break that fast (from sleeping through the night of 8 hours without food) here at Burgoo Restaurant, Tomas Morato branch?

For now, breakfast is available only at the aforementioned branch, if you're looking forward to have the nearest branch open up a breakfast menu, do follow them at their Facebook page for updates.


Address: Tomas Morato Ave, (in front of Il Terrazo)
               Diliman, Quezon City, Metro Manila
Contact Details: (02) 927 7384

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