Sunday, November 3, 2013

Bar-B-Skew, Southeast Asian Inspired Street Food

 At some time back in 2012, mullet haircuts have started getting some raves in men.  Now, Rihanna is seen sporting an edgy mullet hairstyle, a hairstyle that is short at the front and sides, and long in the back.  The zenith of this fashion era was actually during the 80's.  A definite blast from the past.  I admit that I have seen my teenage cousins trying to preserve their hair for that look, and yes, I'm an 80's child.

Circa 1980, those were the years that my palate had been rather exposed to street foods, dirty ice creams, taho, cheese curls bartered with empty bottles,to say the least.  Those were the times when you warily run after the honking horns while the vendor would yell whatever they are selling and you run to the gate or doorstep with old (sometimes new) newspapers or bottles of ketchup and other condiments.

Then at dusk, the alley near us would be seen as eaten by smoke as barbecue stands would line up in array, each serving up their specialty.  With words such as Betamax, helmet, adidas, is often heard on the streets being talked about.  If you are an 80's dude or gal, you might be familiar with them, but I'm not talking of things, these actually are what's on the menu of these stands and more.

Back to the future, (hehe, getting way to much with pun on the 80's) not only was I exposed to gourmet, fusion, seasonal, farm to fork foodie madness, I somehow lost my fondness to some of the food I have grown to like, probably due to safety and nutritional matters, especially about barbecue stuff.

So when I heard of a restaurant serving typical Pinoy street food skewered and ready fro the grill, I braced myself and expected something out of the ordinary.
At Bar-B-Skew, you know you are not only getting your fix for your regular barbecued meat or offal, when you enter the premise.   The restaurant is elegantly designed.  No fussy, heavy aromatic smoke around that would probably drown you when you  open the door.  Thanks to the built-in pipes mangled atop every table.

The restaurant is also air-conditioned, and as much as the restaurant owner wants the place to be a cool hang-out, of course no barbecue is ever tasty without the heat from the charcoals, so surmise a rally hot table.  Sitting may be comfortable in one side but not on the other areas with stools to rely on.   Again, the set up is casual so don't be asking a new set of plates or paraphernalia and the table can only accommodate one plate and a glass for each person.  The idea is for you to cook your skewer and eat it right away.

Speaking of the table, every one has a rotating charcoal skewers which were pre-designed with the owners preference and fabricated at China.  You come at the restaurant with stainless tables clean,and grill covered. The staff will immediately assist you as they begin defining their dining packages.   Once everything were laid out, they come from the kitchen with a bucket full of chunky cinders ready to cook your skewers.
At the time I was there, this was what they were offering.  The dining idea is an eat-all-you can buffet in three main categories, namely, Lunch Buffet (served at 11 am to 5 pm) for P299; Dinner Buffet (5 pm to 12 am) with a cost of P349; and Midnight Buffet (12 am onwards) for P299.
The EAYC buffet comes with two rice variants, a pasta, a veggie dish and two entree, in this case a fried chicken and something else... Sorry had my eyes on those skewer all you can.
You begin by picking your set of skewers, help yourselves with these subtly seasoned chicken, pork, cream dory, hotdogs, innards, vegetables and saba banana and pineapple combo and large marshmallows for dessert.
My first batch to hit the grill.  A bit shy at first.  On my plate:  chicken liver, isaw (chicken intestines), saba banana and pineapple combi, cheapo hotdog, one chicken wing, pork barbecue.

Next is, you choose a sauce for basting your barbecues, and don't ever make the mistake of basting your fruits with these.  The diners pick had always been, garlic butter but I would also recommend ginger sesame.
You may also choose from different types of  dipping agents (sawsawan).  I miss that, but thinking otherwise.
Here is the simple menu.

However, if the EAYC skewers is not fro you, you may also try these affordable meal packages.

In retrospect, I enjoyed the dinner as much as I enjoyed reminiscing over the 80's yester-years.  Love having the pineapples roasted and specially the saba bananas.  I almost had my marshmallows though on the coals, so make sure to have a watchful eye on that one.  I like the idea of the rotating skewers so you don't have to flip them anymore, and it would only take less than 10 minutes to wait.   The idea of chatting with friends, talking cynical things while you are waiting and basting your skewers is in fact an awesome idea to date.

Address:  UG03 CTTM Square
               68 Timog Ave Cor. Tomas Morato
               Quezon City
Phone: (02) 412 8661


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