Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Breakfast Repertoire at Sentro 1771

 Everyday as the sun rises, apart from the many plans I have for the entire day, there is one thought that comes to my mind- what to have for my  breakfast?    How about you?
There is this book that my girls would love to read over and over again and is very timely for this blog's topic. This is a part of a story  Winnie the Pooh as told by A.A. Milne.  Here is how I have recalled it.

“When you wake up in the morning, Pooh," said Piglet at last, "what's the first thing you say to yourself?"

"What's for breakfast?" said Pooh. "What do you say, Piglet?"

"I say, I wonder what's going to happen exciting today?" said Piglet.

Pooh nodded thoughtfully. "It's the same thing," he said.”

How could those lines not make you grin.  I bet many of us are like Pooh, all excited for the sunny day with a hearty breakfast to spruce up another tiring and challenging day.
That is why for me breakfast is important.   In my house I serve rice coupled with eggs differently prepared for every day, hotdogs (the usual Moms do), hams, tuyo (dried fish), tapa and too many it would fill this page up if I'll mention them all.
Filipinos are heavy breakfast eaters and I'm one of them.   I think we are the only nation who eat rice with viands for breakfast and whimsy as it may seem, elusive meal ideas are way becoming a challenge to breakfast lovers.
But I don't mind being challenged at all.  For without a yellow plate like on the picture above, my day would not be as powerful and pleasurable, which is something I would need to inspire me do more relevant things, making a day a fruitful one.
I was challenged indeed when sometime last week, an invitation came for me to try breakfast at Sentro 1771.   And like Pooh, I knew I'm on to something really exciting.
Sentro is known for innovating and reinventing home grown Filipino dishes, and interestingly taking “lutong pinoy” a notch higher.   Contrary to the fact that they are serving fusion dishes.  They center on homegrown Filipino dishes but with a more palatable twist, making each dish something to come back to.  One example is the esteemed  Sinigang na Corned Beef  and Rated GG.  Surprisingly, they do serve breakfast  and they open up 7 in the morning, both at the Serendra and Greenbelt branches.

For my breakfast at Sentro 1771, I ordered the Bonuan Bangus with Fried Rice and Scrambled Eggs.   This had to go with  a good cup of  brewed coffee, of course, another important part of the early bird's meal.   This fried boneless bangus (milkfish) is a proud product of Dagupan, and will always be my favorite, more  so here at Sentro where they have to smother it with garlic.   Thus, every bite is  garlic infused without being salty for a preserved humble fish.  I also love that they put atchara, or pickled papaya ,over the plate of rice and egg which I found to be be very "Tagalog" in nature.

If you are somehow tired of having rice, how about some bread, more so, "Kesong Puti" on your toasts.  Well initially one of us had ordered (or what is actually on the menu) hot Pandesal topped with "Kesong Puti" (goat cheese) but since it was about to be 10 in the morning and the restaurant had been a beehive of activity since I got there at 8, they ran out of pandesal.
This is really getting way more exciting even as I share this to you.  For next to my post is this sunny plate of Omelette, Bacon and Beans, which were served with more toasts (or you have the option to have rice with it).   You may seem to say that this is not a typical Filipino dish.  Well, traditionally not, but in our modern world we can safely say so.   Having the colonial mentality branding us Pinoys to love what our Caucasian brothers and sisters love to eat, most of us have grown to love bacons, hams, and beans.     So if you're one of those, Sentro is the right place for you.   But let me tell you, you can not find canned beans or fat-laden bacon strips in this area, only home-cooked pork and beans, and crispy lean high-grade meat bacon strips.
I have to hand it to Executive Chef Vicky Rose Pacheco.    Her  inventiveness goes beyond preparing the usual fare, like this bowl of minced pork, which is actually deconstructed longaniza, known to regular early diners as Baguio Longanisa na Durog.  if you crave the famous Baguio Longanisa or if you seem to avoid longanisa casing but long to indulge in the garlicky goodness of a savory Filipino delicacy, then plan your way here.

Baffled somehow, by why restaurants serving all-day breakfast menus still flourish?  We have to admit that  Filipino breakfast meals are as filling and healthy as other  meals of the day.   I'm pretty sure like me, you have been to one-too-many "tap-silog" houses all over the metro.  One of my fave is Chef Laudico's BFast Angus Tapa and the one near our place, Tito's.   Now, I've included Sentro 1771's  SirloinTapa in the must-try Tapa list.
Another brilliant invention was the Adobo Flakes and I swear,  I will go back to Sentro for this, because I wasn't able to get a taste and never had a chance to examine it.  Apparently, the dish is a different take on our 'national dish' Adobo (just saying), where the chicken meat, probably cooked or marinated with the Adobo ingredients were painstakingly flaked and fried to crunchy golden perfection.    This is good with either the usual steamed rice (they also have brown rice) or Bagoong Rice.
Now let me ask you, is there a better word for exciting?   Because I am about to introduce some of their dessert offerings.
My Rip-roaring Dessert Adventure at Sentro 1771.   
Yep, that could be one heck of a title for the following post.  You will see why.
Who's up for some suman and fresh mangoes?  Their unmasked suman was lightly fried to give subtle crust on the outside, sliced then topped with luscious sweet and fresh mangoes.  Everything was then drizzled with the syrupy consistency of coco jam.  The Fried Suman and Mangoes can be tricky if prepared wrongly.  The suman should not be too sweet to compliment with the cocojam and mango slices.  Which is true with Sentro's.
In modern gourmet dining, the partnership of saltiness and sweetness in a dessert have been well thought off and are now being raved at.  If you are into hedonistic epicurean dining you know what I am talking about, and their Keso Flan, brought me to 'chessert paradise' (chessert is short for cheese and dessert, btw).  Quite misleading, the dessert plate above is actually a cheesecake but without a crust or pie shell and is made to look like our fiesta fave Leche Flan (Caramel Custard).  The secret here is to have a bit of the flan, deliberately followed by a bit of the Quezo de Bola and salted egg.   And you are there!  Chessert Paradise, Babyee!

My choice was the Maja Blanca Crepe.   Just imagine rice flour made into paper thin pancakes.   The native Maja Blanca made out of humble provenance oozed out as if telling me how good it is, rolled with the crepe and drizzled further with coco jam.
For the Sans Rival lovers, here is a way better rendition.   Upon seeing this, our pulses were quickened and the voracious foodies in all five of us present in the table was was seriously awakened.   The towering beauty of the four coffee meringue arranged so laced dramatically with coffee-flavored French butter creme.   Sans Rival or Sanz Rival is a French word for without rival.  Must I say that the Coffee Bean San Rival is truly unrivaled.
 Make way for the Coffee Pie, as I heard Kirk say to us.   The 'only one of its kind,'
 is how it was so described in the menu.    The crust is made up of chocolate and cashews, delicate and crumbly, then filled with creamy coffee goodness.  A light layer of cream cheese and toffee sauce lined the top and for a picture-perfect afters, the plate was heavily dusted with a mix of what may seem to be confectioner's sugar and cocoa.  
If you have been overwhelmed and sugar-highed, you can opt to have a fruit platter.  Nothings beats fresh fruit slices before and after any meals.

I guess by now I have given you enough breakfast, snacks and dessert ideas.   It may be a bit pricey but I understand why they could not compromise, by lowering the price thus giving lesser quality of food and just imagine the intricacies observed when preparing each dish.  Nothing we breakfast-lovers could not handle.
Here at Sentro, gourmet quality food prepared out of passion for Filipino dishes and the consummate foodie is reconciled. 
So what are you waiting for, below are the details on how you can get in touch with them for more information and reservations.

Sentro 1771 by Chateu 1771 at Greenbelt 3 Branch:
Level 2, Greenbelt 3, Ayala Center, Makati
Phone:  757- 3941

Serendra Branch:
Serendra, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Phone:  856- 0581



  1. I like that line from Winnie the Pooh. This proves that the old bear really loves to eat. :-)

    You showed us a lot of food. Of all the food that you mentioned, what intrigued me the most is the "sinigang na corned beef".

  2. oh the sinigang na corned beef...You can read about it here:
    Thanks for dropping a line Ishmael

  3. The desserts are all mouthwatering especially the Mangga at Suman and the Maja Blanca Crepe (new to my ears)! I have to check this place so soon. I really want to try the Maja Blanca Crepe. :)

  4. What a way to start a day with delicious breakfast dishes being served in the table! Since I always visit Manila every year and my bro's condo is near Serendra, why not? I'll give this resto a shot. :D

    1. You should! I wouldn't blog about it if it's not good enough to recommend!

  5. looks all so good and yummy!! al the photos looks amazing and yummy! now i am missing the brekky of filipinos! xx

  6. All desserts look nice and appetizing! I would love to visit that restaurant soon. :-)

  7. The dishes look so delicious. I'd love to have a taste of their sweet desserts someday.

  8. Oh my, food looks heavenly. Gotta try them out!

  9. I make sure that my kids eat breakfast everyday.We have cereals once in a while but I prefer heavy breakfast for us.

  10. I've always seen Sentro 1771, but haven't given it a try yet. Will definitely make sure to pay if a visit soon. Those dishes, especially the desserts looks soooo enticing! :D

  11. i use to eat breakfast everyday. those dishes are so mouthwatering. another place to eat delicious dishes. i will try them out! :)

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